Briggs Stratton Natural Gas Powered Generator


Getting a generator that is fit for home use should be done with careful consideration of any possible side effects that it may have on the entire house hold. Considering the fact that the Briggs and Stratton natural gas powered generator model 76000 runs on propane, it therefore is a very domestic friendly generator since it will not emit any toxic fumes into the surrounding area.

With a total weight of 572 pounds and dimensional measurements of 48 x 33 x 30.5 inches, the generator consumes about a cubic foot per hour at half load. These features make this Briggs Stratton natural gas powered generator very efficient which can be very handy for home use. It does not really matter whether you have space to mount it outside the house, it can be comfortably mounted somewhere in the garage without any problems since it is considerably quiet.

The casing of the generator is very compact and sturdy making it look like a chest of drawers in the kitchen or bathroom. This should make this Briggs and Stratton generator very easy to fit within the home. Unlike other gasoline generators, this particular machine does not produce too much noise either.

The major advantage evident in this particular generator comes from the high technology used in the design. Operating a generator has never been easier. Fitted with a remote diagnostic alert system and low oil shut down, it would be very difficult to operate the generator when it runs low on oil just like it would be very hard to fail to notice major faults due to the alert systems.

The starter battery charges automatically and the generator has over crank protection in addition to sound shield technology which ensures that the machine does not produce unnecessarily high noise. Equipped with all the above features and a cost effective price, the Briggs and Stratton natural gas powered generator offers a worthwhile choice of a propane powered generator.

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