Briggs & Stratton Multi Fuel Standby Generator


The Briggs & Stratton 15kw natural gas/liquid propane unit is a multi fuel standby generator for whole house managed power. It is an excellent choice for those wishing to solve the problem of power outage situations. In fact, this company enjoys an envious reputation and is among the best companies in so far as offering high efficiency home generator systems go.

Each Briggs & Stratton multi fuel standby generator is powered by its patented IntelliGEN automatic transfer switch which ensures that all demands for an entire home can be managed efficiently and in addition this generator can provide enough power to keep two central air conditioners running.

The natural gas/liquid propane generator from this company also works using the latest computer technology with controls that help to provide exact amounts of power. Thanks to its excellent IntelliGEN automatic transfer switch, this generator can manage the demands of two air conditioners as well as provides power to an entire home.

All this ensures maximum comfort in the entire house and because this generator makes use of the best in power management technologies, it can keep your home powered up whenever power supply is lost. The Briggs & Stratton generator is engineered to meet the most demanding commercial specifications and will, in addition, also provide long lasting as well as reliable power during an outage.

It boasts of features such as Sound Shield Technology and an excellent AC power control. Its power rating is fifteen watts and surge wattage is 18.5KW. It can easily handle air conditioners with a four ton capacity and it operates at just 65 decibels.

Low oil alert, hour meter and voltage meter are some of the other features that make the Briggs & Stratton multi fuel standby generator so very useful. It also comes with a mounting pad and its total weight is approximately five hundred and sixty two pounds. It is powered by a B&S Vanguard engine and it also uses brushless alternators and is backed by a four year limited warranty.

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