Briggs Stratton 30469 Review


Portable generators have been around for a long time. This portable and independent power source can provide electricity in emergencies. Power outage is one problem that occurs when there is typhoon, flood and earthquake. These natural calamities can happen at any given time and electricity supply might not be available. Portable generators are the best power source when power outages happen. A generator can power an entire home. Natural calamities can affect the entire community, so there are more reasons to buy your own portable power generators.


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Who could buy/benefit from this product?
Every homeowner can buy and have this portable but powerful generator. The Briggs Stratton 30469 is probably the most powerful portable generator for your home. This generator set is perfect for long-term power outage because it can produce enough electricity to power the entire house and can last for 12 hours when the load is at 50%. Fuel consumption is at the minimum, but power generation is at the highest and these factors are the perfect combination for a generator set. The minimum load of the Briggs Stratton 30469 is at 6,000 continuous watts load while the maximum is at 7,500 watts load. This generator set is the perfect companion in your home.
Product description
The Briggs Stratton 30469 is the best emergency portable power generator that is suited for home use. This generator set is small enough to fit inside the car trunk, but the power of this product is unbelievable. It has a 342cc gasoline powered engine that is the most efficient portable generator in the market. The Briggs Stratton 30469 can run for 12 hours straight without any problems, but the load capacity must be on 50% together with a fully loaded gasoline tank. Made by Briggs and Stratton, the 1650 series engine is made to last for a long time. Companies trust engines that can perform without any problems and are made to last.
It also has the OHV protection that automatically turns off the engine when the oil is low. The engine is made for high performance use and its fuel efficiency is the best benefit of this product. The Briggs Stratton 30469 is also equipped with the latest Power Surge protector alternator that can produce 25% more power than other generators. This power surge is perfect for appliances that have big motors. The added 25% surge power can power up any kind of motor driven home appliances. The switches and control panels of this generator are placed above the generator. This is made to provide added safety from flood and from children that may touch the outlets and controls of the generator.
The multi featured outlets and control panel of the Briggs Stratton 30469 has (4) 120V household outlets that will suit every type of sockets in the house. It also has (1) 120-240V with a 30A fuse and the outlet is a locking type that will perfectly hold any kind of socket. All the outlets in the generator set are equipped with over current protection with heavy-duty rubber covers on the outlets. The fuel capacity of the tank is 7gallons that can provide the longest duration of more than 13 hours at 50% capacity. The Briggs Stratton 30469 has a wheel that will never go flat and the T handle is made for easy mobility.


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Product features

  • The Engine 1650 series made and built by Briggs and Stratton is heavy duty and reliable. It is also fuel efficient and can last for a long time.
  • Alternator that can provide 25% more power surge that is perfect for motor driven appliances
  • Elevated outlets and control panels for added safety and convenience
  • (4) 120V outlets for house use and (1) 120-250V outlet with 30A fuse covered with heavy-duty outlet rubber.
  • 7 gallon capacity fuel tank that can last for 12 hours non-stop
  • Wheels and T handles for easy mobility and portability


  • The reliability of the Briggs Stratton 30469 portable generator is at the highest. The engine is built by the company itself, maintaining the highest quality and durability for the best value of your money. The fuel efficiency is the best benefit of this product. 7 gallons of fuel can last all night that can provide non-stop power for any types of house. The safety features is also one benefit that is important for portable generators. In total, the Briggs Stratton 30469 is the best portable generator that can fit for household use.


  • The only thing that can affect the Briggs Stratton 30469 generator is the outlets. The 12 hour non-stop performance must be also available for full capacity load that can make it more efficient and effective.

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The Briggs Stratton is the best when it comes to a portable home generator. It can provide power to the entire household for long durations. The fuel efficiency is at the highest and the reliability of the generator is the best.Category: 5,000W – 10,000WBriggs & Stratton


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