Briggs & Stratton 2,000-Watt 4 HP Portable Gas Generator


Call me paranoid but having an emergency power source is definitely a must for every home in the country. The fact that I live in a hurricane-frequent state, I have to have a source of backup power. And, as an outdoorsman who loves to go camping and boating, having a portable source of electricity does have its conveniences.

For this reason, I use the Briggs & Stratton 2,000 watt 4 horsepower gas generator. So, why choose this generator over the other available generators in the market today? First of all, this particular portable generator has all the features I need.

Next, it will be able to provide you with almost 5 hours of continuous runtime at half load. Considering its 1.2 gallon fuel tank, this is truly a fuel efficient generator. The engine is also very reliable.

Briggs & Stratton motors are one of the most reliable and durable generator engines out in the market today. Also, it is equipped with an ultra-quiet muffler. Up to now, I haven’t had a noise complaint from my neighbor whenever I use the generator.

It also has two 120 volt household type outlets as well as two 12 volt battery charging outlets, which is perfect for home and outdoor use. For extra protection, this generator also has a durable cast iron cylinder sleeve.

Weighing at almost 95 pounds, this generator is among the lightest of its type. It is very portable and you can easily move it from one place to another. As you can see, the features of this generator are self-explanatory on why I got this generator and also why I recommend it for everyone to have.

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