Briggs & Stratton 030473 Portable Gas Generators


It weighs 50 pounds and goes very handy with its handle. It also has a sleek design with chrome color and red highlights. It is built by Briggs & Stratton to make an appeal to small-sized household and out-goers. Here are some features;

– 2000 Watts Maximum Surge – just like the one previously mentioned, it offers a running power of 1600 watts.
– Low Tone Muffler – it does not produce noise like many other portable generators do. The low-tone muffler is specifically built for such purpose.
– Minimized Vibrations – for enclosed areas, this is the best option as it vibrates not much.
– Computerized inverter technology that automatically adjusts engine speed depending on the load.
– 2 20 amps outlets for 120 AC volts and 1 for 12 DC volts.
These are just two among thousands of 2000-watt portable gas generators available in the market today. However, being the most bought, these two brands and models may have already helped millions of people around the world. Again, these are the types that you will need for a home with few electric appliances. For campers, beach bums or photo journalists these are also a perfect choice. 2000 watts is enough to keep you going.


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