Briggs & Stratton 030473 Inverter Generator Review

Briggs & Stratton 030473

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The Briggs & Stratton 030473 inverter generator is equipped with computer controlled inverter technology that automatically changes the engine speed for a very quiet run and less fuel usage.

The electricity produced from the Briggs & Stratton 030473 Gas  Inverter Generator has a 2,000 Watts Surge capacity (max power) and provides a continuous supply of 1,600 Watts of electrical power. This generator is able to provide extra power due to two 120 volt 20 amp AC outlets and one 12 Volt DC outlet. The 120 Volt and the 12 Volt are outputs for standard charging of appliances, electronics, batteries and 12 Volt devices.

The casing of the Briggs & Stratton is built with a robust outer shell and fitted with ergonomic handles for easier management. The running time for 1 single gallon of gas and oil is 5 hours at half the load. The low-tone muffler is a great feature of this generator, because not only it decreases the level of noise but it also diminishes vibrations for smooth functioning of the generator at close distance. The generator is very good for powering electronics, appliances, electrical items and much more. In addition, it can be useful both indoors and outdoors, and of course it will come very handy to wherever you may travel and require a steady power source.

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Briggs & Stratton 030473 Features and Specifications

  • Briggs & Stratton 030473 Dimensions: 19.5 x 11 x 17 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 62 pounds
  • Product Weight: 50 pounds
  • Power supply: 2,000 Watts surge/1,600 Watts continuous
  • Inbuilt computer adjusts engine speed for quieter operation and to lessen the consumption of fuel.
  • Two 120 volt 20 amp AC outlets and one 12 volt DC outlet.
  • Low-tone mufflers reduce noise and lessen vibrations for unhindered operation at close quarters.
  • Durable outer shell with ergonomic handles.
  • Non-CARB compliant

Briggs & Stratton 030473 Inverter Generator Reviews

Customers are speaking with the pride that only comes from making a smart buyer’s decision, when they talk about their Briggs & Stratton Gas 030473 Powered Portable Inverter Generator.

The vast majority of the reviewers gave this product a high rating and praised it for the many attributes that the generator has. One of the reviewers took the generator to the woods for 2 weeks and he was pleased to report that it worked exceedingly well without causing any problem at all. Apart from being quiet, it manged to power all the electric equipment that was taken, starting from the camper lights to the coffee maker. The person was even more impressed by the run time of the generator and by how easy it was to carry the generator with the appropriate handles.

Another customer bragged to his colleagues on how the engine purred without a single problem. There has also been another reviewer who also appreciated the handle configuration that allowed the generator to be carried very easily over long distances.  Best of all, he said that this product was cheap compared to its foreign competitors. After a month, the reviewer further elaborated on the products perks; it starts readily, practically sipped gas, is smart and efficient. The single negative we could find was that one reviewer commented that the lack of a fuel cap was unfortunate.

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Most of the reviews state positive things about the Briggs & Stratton Gas 030473 Powered Portable Inverter Generator. We recommend it too for its high – quality performance.


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