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Cafe Roma, Modena & Venezia Breville Espresso Maker

Breville espresso machine would be the best bet for coffee aficionados who prefer their gourmet “shots” made at home with stylish stainless steel coffee makers.


Home brewing with Breville is a great way to save money as not everyone can afford to get their daily dose of great tasting espresso at a coffee shop.

Breville Espresso maker is one of the good choices amongst the whole range of drip coffee makers and espresso machines available on the market today for many reasons.

The company understands that coffee drinkers have become more discerning when it comes to good cup of coffee. An inferior ground and an inferior coffee machine are not acceptable any more.

Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Machine Review

Not everyone though can be his own “barista” but if you are looking for an entry level espresso machine the Breville Cafe Roma Espresso maker is the right choice.

Watch this Breville Cafer Roma Video
See how the 800ESXL Works

The Good – Benefits:

  1. Breville Cafe Roma has programmable shots for easy use but it can also be manually operated should you opt to.
  2. The Thermoblock heating system in these Breville espresso machines will deliver the right shot to the perfect temperature with little effort on your end.
  3. Forget about big cumbersome espresso machines of years past. The Café Roma is compact yet very functional.
  4.  The height of the steel wand is just right for a 12 oz frothing pitcher that comes with these expresso machines.
  5. The Breville Cafe Roma Expresso Machine is a great buy as it is quite inexpensive. Breville used cutting edge technology in designing this model and the new generation of coffee drinkers could not ask for a better brand and model that is so highly affordable.

The Bad – Minor Flaws in Design

  1. Some consumer reports mention that the water reservoir could have been bigger.
  2. The Thermoblock sometimes overheats that water should be pumped out first to cool it down to prevent burned-coffee taste.
  3. The stainless steel wand for frothing is set just a little bit high that some consumers’ froth ends up on the counter and not on the cup.

Breville Cafe Modena Review

The Café Modena is another entry level machine.


Cafe Modena
Breville Espresso Maker


  1. It is less expensive than the Roma but is nevertheless a favorite among coffee lovers. Like the Café Roma it has a Thermoblock heating system, a 15-bar pump and a dual crema system maintained at a 15-bar pressure throughout the brewing process.
  2. The steam wand ideally provides a constant steam for quality coffee. As with the Café Roma Breville espresso maker, it has a stainless warming plate for warming up 2 espresso cups.
  3. The espresso machine can clog-up at times but as long as the machine is cleaned up after use, clogging should not be a problem.


  1. The steam wand does spew out water at times but as soon as the water heats up the spewing stops.
  2. The water level indicator is almost impossible to see through the small viewing window.

Generally, the Cafe Modena Breville espresso machines are good value for the money.

Breville Cafe Venezia Review


This Breville line is more expensive than the Café Roma and Café Modena. It has a 15-pump triple bar pump and is equipped with an eject filter system which means the three Breville expresso filters can be changed easily.

The steam wand is movable at 45 degree angle. What makes this espresso machine different from the other two is that it uses Thermocoil heating system, an automatic “purge” system and a large 2.75 liter water tank.

However, one customer review mentioned that he has had two of these model and both conked out in less than three months. The up side is that Breville has no problem replacing the defective espresso machine.

Breville Espresso Machine Buying Facts

If you are unsure as to what brand of espresso machine to buy, here are some Breville buying facts for your consideration:

  • Every espresso unit made by Breville uses the best quality metal that it is virtually stain-proof and scratch-proof. Each model has been designed and manufactured with the needs of the consumers in mind.
  • Functions and features of Breville espresso machines are simple and easy to understand and operate. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get a good cup of coffee.
  • Every Breville espresso maker is made of stainless steel with a die-cast warming tray that makes it an outstanding electric gadget for the kitchen. Not only will it beautifully grace your kitchen but deliver a great shot of espresso.
  • As espresso is the base of delicious coffee concoctions such as latte, mochas, cappuccino, macchiato, cortado and more, you will never run out of delicious coffee-based drinks.

Make sure you canvass for the price of a Breville espresso machine if you are not buying directly from the company. Though there is suggested retail price for each model, it is still worth your while to source for the store selling your choice espresso maker at the lowest price possible. Check out the warranty and return policy too.

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