Braun Silk – Epil Xpressive Easy Start Body & Face Rechargeable Epilator


The norm followed today is that of beauty. Beauty is all its glory in undeniable and unblemished. In addition, what is blemish for beauty may have different standards in the eyes of different people? However, for most, beauty is pure, serene, smooth and clean. For most people body hair is blemish on the beauty of a person and it is imperative that it be removed at the earliest opportunity possible. That is the reason various consumer products are being marketed for this purpose alone. An innovation in the field of hair removal is the epilation technology. At present, there is numerous hair removal products present within the approach of even the average customer, and he is definitely spoilt for choice.

Simple but a superior epilator Braun has ever engineered is the Silk épil 7. This epilator is the most efficient wet & dry epilator. It is designed for epilation in warm water because it warm water is relaxing which improves circulation and improves the over all experiences making the skin less sensitive.

The unique feature of the Silk épil 7 is the dual epilator smoothing cap. The two razor blades closely epilates the hair in one slow stroke, resulting a faster epilation in one stroke with smoother silkier skin. This epilator removes even the finest hair, right down to 0.5mm long because of the 40 tweezers in Braun’s Close-Grip technology that ensures excellent performance. At times, it does not take you a lot of time to shave your leg and it is all the time you need to groom your self properly. It actually takes a person around 15 minutes to do it.

Features Silk épil 7

The Silk épil 7 has Soft Lift Tips, which effectively lifts flat-lying hair and guides them to the tweezers for removal. Moreover, it personalizes in speed; speed 1 for extra gentle epilation & speed 2 for high-efficiency epilation. The cordless Silk épil 7 gives you the comfort of epilating whenever and wherever desired. It has a charging time of 1 hour and a running time of 40 minutes. This model has a sealed body, which means it can be cleaned under running water to maintain hygiene.

Pros of Silk épil 7

The Silk épil 7 is recommended as the gentle solution that results in long-lasting hair removal. The USP of this product is the Smart-light that illuminates the finest hair, ensuring not even a single hair is missed. This product is easy to use and for greater comfort, it has a pivoting head, which pivots up to 15 degrees (forward & backward) to adapt to the body. Apart from the Silk épil 7, the box includes:

  • Shaver head
  • Trimmer cap
  • Sensitive-area cap
  • Facial cap
  • Efficiency cap
  • Pre-epilation wipes
  • Pouch


The Silk épil 7 is a complete product for a gentle and sensitive hair removal experience. One use leaves skin smooth up to 4 weeks. An addition, the box consists of the efficiency cap, which removes more hair in 1 stroke. The handy product weights 1.4 pounds and a shipping weight of 1.4 pounds. The product is available for shipping within the U.S. as well as to select countries abroad.


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