Braun Silk-épil 7 7681 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator With 5 Attachments


It can never be denied that women would love to show some skin especially during summer. Flaunting legs and skin is normal if you are confident to show it all. The question is, are you going to parade yourself ostentatiously knowing you’ve got hairy skin all over? I don’t think so, that would be a lot embarrassing. I, for one would not be bold enough to show it off.

Being hairy is one of the nightmares of women. It gives us sleepless nights and horrendous worries. However, with the advent of technology, many of us run to these high-tech gadgets sprouting in the market nowadays. Some of us would cling to dermatologists for different hair removal session and the like. Tremendous number of epilators popped out in the market and made a hit. With these new high-tech devices, granting women’s desire to be flawless is possible. Yet, we still have to consider the product itself and be vigilant if it is guaranteed effective and reliable. I consider myself as one of these women who is in search for one great product that would cease my agony and boost my confidence in revealing my skin.

As a user, I have to be keen enough as to what product to use that will fully satisfy my needs. There are many products to choose from but unfortunately, there are fewer products that give us full satisfaction and best results. It is indeed essential to consider products key features.

Product Key Features

Many opt to use Braun silk-epil 7 7681 Wet and Dry cordless epilator with its flashy features that would truly quench ones thirst for brandishing ones skin and fearlessly show it off. A lot of people, including me truly love this device as it comes with five attachments.

It has standout features that are incomparable to other products. There are many reasons why I truly love this product. One of which is, this device can be fully charged within the hour and has charging indicator. This provides me visual cues to let me know when it is ready to use. It has also a blinker indicator to make me aware if it’s running low on power. So it gives me incredibly good feeling without worrying much of its battery. Moreover, this device is cordless, so I can maximize my time using it through my entire body without the trouble of tangling the cord all over me. This is actually inevitable sometimes if it’s not cordless and it is dangerous. It is indeed the answer to all my agony as it comes with 5-detachable heads that comprises of a shaver/trimmer head, efficiency cap, and sensitive area caps that allow me to navigate the epilator everywhere I want including my face.  It has also a softlift tip that effectively lifts even my flat-lying hair for complete hair removal. This is truly amazing. Perhaps, I can say that it is the most-sought wet and dry epilator. It can be used- wet or dry, so I can actually take it with me to shower and epilate under warm running water. The warm water is best as it gives a soothing feeling and enhances my blood circulation, giving me more comfort and making my skin less sensitive.

Furthermore, it is very much efficient with its 40 close-grip tweezers giving me much plucking movements in a minute. With this, I can have lesser hair removal time. It is actually engineered to remove even shorter hairs right down to 0.5 mm. This means that it has lasting effect up to 4 weeks. What I have noticed so far is that, my hair regrowth is softer and finer. It also has two-speed settings. I can control on what speed I would like, 1 is for gentle epilation, then 2 for higher speed and extra efficient epilation. This personalizes everything. It has also built-in Smartlight feature that allows me to see everything when I am epilating. With this, it is guaranteed that you can get rid of all those stubborn hair. Another reason to love about this product is, it’s waterproof and easy to wash. It comes with a brush to have an easy access of cleaning the stuck hair in the epilator for hygienic purposes. Plus I got a special cooling wet wipes designed by Olay/Olaz which pampers my skin before and after using it for extraordinary result.

I love travelling and stay in different places, but I’ve got no worry because I can bring this gadget with me. It is travel friendly as it comes with water-proof draw-string pouch that fits in everything. It is cool and fashionable and I can actually take it with me as it does not consume much space.

So, if you are looking for a reliable product that gives you satisfying result, the search is over. No one can beat this engineered epilator with best features provided, ready to give us an awesome and ultimate epilating experience.


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