Braun Silk-épil 7 7381 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator with 2 Attachments


Some of us cannot just raise our arms or wear bikinis because we are afraid people will be staring at us oddly and raise their eyebrows. Some of us have hairy skin underarms and bikini areas and are hopeless about it.  Sometimes we have been losing self-esteem because we are hairy? We seek for answers and could only have these modern torture devices or even end up spending everything for extravagant treatments. How can we boost our confidence, uplift our self-esteem without jeopardizing our wallet and skin? When can we ceasethe agitationit gives, shame it brings and ridicule it builds?

I have been searching for a solution to this agony and finally got one with the advent of Braun Silk-Epil 7 7381 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator. It brings hope and joy to everybody that one can actually have flawless skin and be ready to flaunt it. Braun Silk-Epil epilators are the perfect choice to get rid of those unwanted hair. It undeniably gives me a satisfying result after using and get delighted of the best result. So now I am ready to take the world with me as I confidently show my skin wherever I go during summer. I can shine under the scorching heat of the sun and parade conspicuously my smooth underarms and bikini area without fear and hesitation.

  • Braun Silk-épil 7 7381 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator comes with two attachments specifically designed to give us superior results in different areas of the body. I really like this product as it fulfills every woman’s needs. The silk-epil was engineered for epilation in warm water. It is best for circulation and augment the comfort of our experience and at the same time making our skin less sensitive.  It is close grip technology which includes 40 tweezers to close at the optimal angle and cincture hair right down to 0.5 mm for best hair removal.  It has a pivoting head that fulcrums to the contours of the body ensuring comfort and optimum thoroughness.  It haseven softlift tips that effectively lift even flat-lying hair and guide the tweezers for best hair removal. It has Smartlight add-on that able to let us see everything for no miss hair removal. Isn’t that great? For best skin experience, it includes high frequency massage system that vitalizes the skin and definitely assuages the plucking sensation during the epilation. Thus giving skin comfort and smoothness.
  • In addition, itis dermatologically recommended as it provides gentle solution to long-lasting hair removal and has skin-soothing features.  It also includes special cooling wet wipes designed by Ola/Olaz which paves way to relax the skin before and after epilation.  It is waterproof and washable. It is easy to wash due to its sealed body and can be even washed under running water making it more hygienic. Speed can be optimized to suit individual’s needs. Sometimes I press 1 for extra gentle epilation and 2 for extra efficient epilation. It is really u to me as what button I would use to suffice my needs.  It is cordless, so no worries of getting tangled, and can be used while having a shower.  It can be fully charged within an hour and can be utilized for 40-minute. This is really hassle-free.  It includes 2 heads, the sensitive area cap to perfectly fit the underarm or bikini area and the efficiency cap to ensure maximum skin contact for faster epilation. This definitely aid in giving tremendous effect hair removal.
  • I was truly amazed by its awesome result just for a two-week use. I discovered its effectiveness and one thing more the ingrown hair is softer and finer. It also includes a chic pouch that fits in all the accessories for easy access. It does not consume much space and is well-loved by travelers because it is handy. I just actually put this in my bag, ready anytime if I have to use this.
  •  This product truly answers women desire of getting rid of unwanted hair. It gives us the delight of using as it is hassle-free, affordable and most importantly reliable. It will not just evade us from the pain of waxing, threading and the like, it will also detach us from spending too much. This brand is simply amazing and it brings a lot of joy to me.


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