Braun Series 3 340s-4 Electric Shaver


You have all your grooming accessories packed for the trip and you still wonder that you are not going to look the same as when you were, when leaving the home.  Let’s face it, you know you have an electric trimmer for your trip, but you are not going to get a clean shave.

Well this might not be a problem anymore if you carry this electric shaver- Braun Series 3 340s-4 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver. With Senso-Foil for a more efficient close shave, this electric shaver is tough on beard and smooth on skin.

Amphibious Quality – Being handy for both dry and wet shaving, Braun Shaver can also be used as a trimmer for sideburns, moustaches or beard.  So, if you want to keep a little rough or clean and suave look, this is a solution that you can carry.        

Improved version over convention shavers-   with Triple Action Free-Float System, Braun Shaver gives you a lot better performance on three-day beards over other available shavers in the market.

Easy to carry and use– Rechargeable electric foil and compact size have made it easy to carry anywhere and use. If you could arrange for the foam or gel, it can be used under the shower; otherwise you can go for dry-shaving.

It is 100% washable and waterproof. So if you do worry that your shaver can get all rusty and might not be as effective as new after using a couple of time, well you don’t.  You can use it as many times you want and then wash it to clean.

With an affordable price-range, the product comes with two-year warranty and can be order online to be delivered within 24-hours. So even if you are planning to go for the trip tomorrow, order it now!


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