Braun SE 7181 WD Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator


Hair removal is one those necessary activities that women choose to undertake to look better. While their natural beauty is undeniably obvious, the removal of hair from the body gives an added sheen to the existing beauty of the person. It is imperative that removal of hair from the body may be a painstaking and meticulous task with the added disadvantage of undergoing pain if done by some of the conventional methods. Therefore, to reduce the disadvantage and to a long extent convert it into an advantage altogether, the epilators have been introduced to the women to reduce the efforts and minimize the pain involved in the activity. By removing the hair right from the roots, the epilation process is a cleaner, easier and quicker process. It is more efficient too as it gives freedom from hair for a period of 4-6 weeks.

One of the epilators available in wide array of epilators in the market is the Braun Silk-épil 7181. The product is one of the innovative wet and dry epilator series of Braun. The product can well be used inside the shower. This is definitely an added advantage seeing the fact that most of women prefer to shave or remove hair while showering. It can well be used outside the shower. The product can be recharged within an hour and can be used for a period of 40 minutes, which is the maximum length for a full epilation cycle.

Features of Braun SE 7181 WD Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator

The features of this product include the ease of handling. For the handling to be customer friendly, this epilator has been fitted with a pivoting head which adapts to the contours of the body and helps retain the firm grip on the epilator. It also has the close grip technology, allowing the tweezers to be close to the body at all times and providing efficient hair removal, removing even the finest strand of hair. It can remove hair as short as 0.5mm. Other features of the product include:

  • SoftLift Tips: Helps to lift the flat lying hair to be removed.
  • Smartlight: This is a light attached to see whether the hair has been efficiently removed or not.
  • Speed Personalization: The user can shift between two-speed setting depending on the areas (whether sensitive or not). Speed 1 is for gentler epilation and Speed 2 is for extra efficiency.
  • High Speed Massage: Since hair is being plucked out continuously from the body, the epilator is attached with a massager to soothe the skin and minimize the pain from the epilation process.

Pros of Braun SE 7181 WD Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator

The epilation process using this epilator is nothing short of a delight. At the affordable price that can only be offered by Braun, this epilator is a steal. It can be used for a full period of 40 minutes, completing a full epilation cycle. While the conventional methods take around 2-3 hours for full hair removal, this epilator can be used promptly and efficiently without much costs attached to it either. The hair lifting system increases the efficient of this product and the soothing system is an added bonus that can only help increase its sale. If you are looking for an epilation product, this should be right on top of your list.


It comes in two colours: orange and copper, both giving a suave look to the product. Being a wet-dry epilator, this product comes at a relatively affordable price as compared to the other epilators within the market. Made by a German manufacturer, it has a performance guarantee. The shipment weight of the product is just 1.1 pound, which includes the Silk-épil 7181, the pouch, an efficiency cap and pre-epilation wipes to clean the skin before the use, thus increasing efficiency of the epilation. It is available for shipment to select countries outside the U.S.


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