Braun KSM2 Coffee Grinder Review


What is special about braun kSM2 aromatic coffee grinder?

If you are a coffee lover and enjoy relishing in that morning “cup of Joe,” there is nothing quite like grinding your own fresh-roasted beans with Braun KSM2 coffee grinder!

When you grind the whole bean, the fragrance of clean, fresh java permeates your home and may actually make you look forward to waking up in the morning!

Having an electric KSM2 coffee grinder, in addition to your coffee maker and whole beans, is an affordable way to indulge in the finest cup of morning brew without going outside the home and purchasing an expensive cup from a restaurant.

This handy Braun kitchen appliance can also save you money, as hot beverages from those local coffee shops can cost anywhere from two to six dollars, depending on which coffee shop you frequent.

How Braun KSM2 coffee grinder Works?


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As applied by its name, “Braun KSM2 Aromatic Coffee Grinder”, it does just that – grinds the coffee beans while it wafts the aroma of coffee throughout the kitchen, before you even brew the coffee.

The ends of the stainless steel blades point downward to direct the beans toward the center for even grinding results.

The Braun KSM2 grinder also has a built-in safety feature; the unit will not turn on unless the transparent lid is locked down.

When opening the lid, you add the amount of beans that you would like to mince for your delectable brew. You can grind enough beans to fill your coffee pot; up to 12 cups of coffee at one time.

After putting the beans into the slot, push the start button. You can leave it on for a short period of time for a coarser consistency or longer for a finer texture. When you get accustomed to using the KSM2 grinder, you will know how long to leave it on, but you can also experiment with various times to get that exact taste you have been craving.

When finished using the appliance, it adapts for easy storage with the cord holder. It is a small, yet powerful machine, measuring only a little over 3 inches by 7.5 inches. Braun KSM2 also comes with a one-year warranty, which is a great accompaniment to the inexpensive price.


  • Reliable and Durable with consistent performance
  • Easy to clean, as the top container can be rinsed out
  • Clear lid for easy viewing of the grinding action
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Has a gradual measuring scale in the container
  • Will not overheat


  • Grinds can gather and settle into the bottom of the container
  • When opening the lid, the grounds can scatter
  • Only has one setting, unlike an actual burr grinder or espresso mill
  • Hard to clean and get underneath the blades


The Braun coffee grinder KSM2 would make the ideal addition to any morning coffee ritual. The deliverance of fresh, flavorsome brew is what all coffee lovers expect each morning and sometimes even for that after-dinner beverage.

The machine is small, convenient and will last a long time. It can even grind herbal spice in addition to coffee beans, making it a versatile kitchen tool. Braun KSM2 coffee grinder replacement blades, lids and other parts are also available in case you lose the cover or need sharper blades.

Sensibly priced, this Braun KSM2 Aromatic Coffee Grinder can be exactly what you are looking for to start your morning off.Sponsored Links

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