Braun Espresso Maker Reviews


What you need to know about braun Espresso Machines?

If you have a liking for espresso, and would like to have the Italian beverage at home, the Braun Espresso machine would make a sensible addition to your kitchen.

The ease of function and the affordability may make this machine a great choice in small appliances.

The Good vs. Bad in Braun Espresso Maker


  • Delivers fresh tasting espresso with ease of use.
  • Can be used in counties outside of the U.S., as it has a 220V capacity.


  • Since it is a new release as of 2010, there are not many consumer reviews for this product.
  • Is hard to locate, but can be ordered online with free shipping.

T-Disks for Accurate Espresso Making

The Tassimo Braun espresso machines are ideal for anyone who prefers a delightful, hot beverage, cup by cup. Using the T-Disks for accurate brewing, each time a beverage is made, will ensure that it comes out clean tasting and hot.

The T-Disks are available in several brands, such as Starbucks, Tazo Tea, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Nestle, Twinnings, and many more. Since the espresso machine is not limited to making espresso, this machine is sure to please a crowd of diverse preferences.

Best Braun Espresso Machines

A popular choice is Braun KF3-300. This Braun appliance was recently released and is both an espresso and cappuccino maker. It is 220V and is for use outside of the U.S. It is a little pricey at around $200.00 USD.

Another model is the Braun E250T. This Braun Espresso maker is for the coffee connoisseur, one who enjoys a mouth watering espresso. It is the ideal appliance for you if you are on the go throughout the day; your beverage will be brewed quickly and effectively. You will also save money because you will not be spending three to four times as much per cup at those fancy coffee houses or coffee chains. The convenience of a restaurant-style machine in your own kitchen will be something you look forward to each day.

The third available model is the Braun Tassimo Espresso Machine. It is model TA 1400, and not only makes espresso, but any hot beverage you desire. By using T-Disks, individual, pre-made Disks with one brew serving, you can prepare coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso, and lattes cup by cup.

Benefits of Braun Tassimo Maker


Braun Tassimo TA 1400
Single Serve Hot Beverage System

  • The T-Disk individual serving system offers great variety
  • Can be used for any hot beverage drink
  • Reasonably priced, with retail cost of under $150.00
  • Coffee shop quality in your home


  • Only serves beverages cup by cup
  • The T-Disks must be bought and can get pricey if a variety is wanted


The Braun espresso machine and the Braun Tassimo coffee maker are two handy ways to brew espresso at home. In addition to offering convenience and ease of use, these machines will be sure to produce delightful tasting espressos for you and your guests. If you no longer want to pay extra cash for the expensive coffee house brews, Braun espresso makers may be just what you are looking for.Sponsored Links

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