Braun Combimax K700 Food Processor


Braun is an internationally recognized innovative company that produces small appliances for household purposes. The company holds the leadership in the European market, Asia and North America markets. The main office of the company is located in Germany. Braun`s production capacities are located in Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, China, Mexico, Malaysia, India. Every day the company produces 150 thousand high-quality innovative products.

Braun Food processors are designed to facilitate the work in the kitchen. They include several functions: vegetable cutter, mixer, blender, grinder, etc. When choosing a food processor, you should pay attention to the complete set, capacity, number of speeds, the volume of the cups and compactness. The more bits are included to combine, the more operations you can perform.

The professionals always rely on good equipment. There are no problems for Braun Food Processors, because they are especially powerful and durable. And thanks to the wide range of functions, they can do almost everything! In this unique processor system with a 600 watts capacity the compact multifunction blender and bowl are located alongside.

One must have a large enough kitchen to store it on the work top. This beauty-in-white is huge: 61 x 40.6 x 76.2 cm and 4.5 Kg. Its design is rather old-fashioned if you used to 3-in-1 bowls.   Functional expediency law underlies corporate design. As it is expected of a product from Braun, do not surprise to discover that it performs extremely well.

Two different size bowls (2,0 l universal one and 0,75-liter jug) are plastic. This combination is ideal for the preparation of different quantities of food, and also for a combined treatment. Universal plastic bowl is used to mix up to two liters of liquid, mixing 1.5 kg of dough for cakes, grinding meat, fish and vegetables, whipping cream. Plastic shredder (volume 0.75 l) is easily perform small tasks such as mixing salad dressing or chopping onions. Please note that, only one of the bowls can be used at a time, and there is a safety mechanism built into the machine to ensure this is achieved. The spiral mechanism built into the bowls and motor block ensure that the bowls are held firmly in place, with no chance of either of them disengaging whilst in use.

The unit has variable speed control, electronic overload protection, double safety system, silent DC motor and cord storage. The fitted power plug is of the two-pin continental design and an adaptor is included for UK sockets.

There are a lot of different attachments, including swaging tool, sahnequirl, utility knife, stainless steel inserts for grinding, coarse, fine shredding and cutting, French fries-cutting of stainless-steel. The (very sharp) large mixing blades come with a purpose-made safety shield. All the extra attachments only fit the bigger bowl. The smaller one only has blades.
It does EVERYTHING! It chops, blends, purees, mixes, grates, slices, kneads, EVERYTHING! It can be used for making pancake batter, smoothies, breadcrumbs, grating big batches of cheese, slicing veg, pureeing baby food, making flavored butter, blending soup, mincing chicken and beef for certain recipes and it can also be used for kneading dough and mixing cake batter.

The instruction booklet covers several languages and contains a common page at the front to identify the various parts of the machine. It is clear and concise.

We suggest you to get a small box to hold all the extra attachments if you don’t like storing them in the main bowl/compartment and having to take them all out before use.

All parts are safe for the dishwasher so it is easy to clean the unit. Just buy it and let Braun make your housework.


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