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What Braun Coffee Filters & Carafe Replacement Should You Buy?


This guide will help you choose the right Braun coffee maker parts to replace broken accessories on your machine.

Braun Carafe

There may come a time when you want or need to replace carafes. After years of use it may become stained and you may want a glistening new one, or you may need to replace a broken one.

There are several brands of Braun coffee pots to choose from: Aromaster, AromaDeluxe, FlavorSelect and Metal Thermo Jar. You can buy these Braun kettles in glass or metal, with sizes fitting 4 cup, 10 and 12 cups coffeemakers and espresso machines, available in Black or White finishes. Here is a detail guide on selecting Braun coffee carafe replacement parts.

The carafe you choose depends on the type of beverage machine you have. If you do not need a carafe, but only a new lid for your pot, you can purchase the lid separately to fit the type that you have.

Braun Coffee Filter


Braun #UGSF4 Univ
Gold Screen Filter

The filter is the most frequently replaced part. There are several different types of Braun coffee filters. One that is reusable is the Braun Universal Gold Screen Filter. It fits all Braun 10 and 12 cup coffeemakers. Instead of using paper filters, this filter is dishwasher safe and long lasting.

Braun Coffee Water Filter

Purified and filtred water is important to achieve extra fresh coffee taste, so this Braun coffee maker part also needs replacement quite often.

There are several types of branded water filter for Braun coffee maker on the market today. The Brita Patented KWF2, the PureAqua KWF2 Brita Water Filter, and the Tassimo Water Filter 76208 ensure sparkling water every time.

Any of the above Braun coffee maker water filter will improve the flavor by delivering clean, pure water through prevention of calcification, and reduction of chlorine.

Braun Filter Baskets

Before ordering these Braun coffee maker replacement parts online, look at the coffee maker model you own and make sure that the part will fit. The filter baskets come in the following models: 4085-635, 311-660, 7050-580 and 7051-395.

Braun Cleaning Disk

They come in the conventional shades of black or white. If you have a Tassimo coffee maker, you can purchase a cleaning disk as well. The cleaning disk is for use with Braun models 3107, TA1000, TA1050, TA1200, and TA1400 (the alternate part numbers are 7050798, 7050-798, and 67050798).

The disk used with the Tassimo system will keep your coffee tasting fresh, even if you just brewed tea or another hot beverage.

Why You Need to Buy Braun Coffee Maker Parts?

Purchasing a new part is much cheaper than buying a whole new system and the spare accessories are easy to find online or in local stores. You can even call the pleasant customer service and they will guide you on where and what to purchase.

The Braun company is a leader in hot beverage appliances, and is known for its dependability, efficiency in creating the perfect, satisfying brew, at its customer-pleasing price. You do not need to spend a fortune on a dynamic coffee maker, as Braun coffee maker spares will most definitely deliver a fine performance in preparing your beverage.Sponsored Links

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