Braun Coffee Grinders Reviews


Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder Vs. Burr KMM30 Comparison

If you want your coffee to taste the absolute freshest, do not hesitate to purchase a Braun coffee grinder in addition to your fresh roasted beans.


The Braun grinder will make a great accessory for your coffeemaker, as well as perfect gifts if you have a friend or family member who adores drinking coffee often.

Your choice can be narrowed down to Braun Burr or Braun Aromatic coffee grinder.

If the thought of a rich, hot drink makes your heart flutter a bit, these small appliances would be just the thing for your kitchen. Let’s explore the difference and purpose of each type.

Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder

This one is ideal for everyday use. It allows you to grind freshly roasted coffee beans with ease, as the blades are designed in a way to move the beans down into the center for even consistency.

Braun Aromatic Grinder

Braun Aromatic Grinder


  • See-through lid enables you to watch it work, and has a measuring scale for accuracy.
  • Stainless-steel blades built in this small Braun appliance will create over two ounces of grounds at a time, which is enough for a full pot.
  • Easy to clean, as the top of Aromatic grinder can be rinsed out.
  • Safety on and off switch, and cord storage for more better protection against accidental cuts.
  • These Braun coffee grinders come with a one-year warranty, if purchased brand new. There are some places where you can order slightly used grinders, as well.


  • Some grounds can get packed into the bottom of the grinder, but if you tap the side they should come loose for cleaning.
  • Ground powder may spew out and leave your countertop untidy when opening the lid.
  • Does not have a timer, so you need to adjust the grinding action by yourself.

The Aromatic Braun coffee grinder is available under Braun KSM2 with choice of white or black colors. It is very reasonably priced, and works with most traditional coffee pots. A dependable unit that performs consistently well.

Those who bought these Braun grinders really liked how they could adjust the coarseness of coffee by letting it grind for longer or shorter periods of time, while being able to observe the whole process.

Braun Burr Coffee Grinder

Unlike Braun Aromatic grinder the Braun KMM30 Espresso Mill is ideal if you enjoy relishing in espresso-type coffee drinks. With espresso, the coffee beans must be ground thinly; therefore, this burr grinder will more than likely be the one for you with its stone mill system of grinding.

The Braun Burr coffee grinder not only minces the coffee in a traditional drip style for a regular coffee maker, but the settings will allow you to create that really soft and fine espresso-like texture.


Braun Coffee Mill


  • A multi-purpose grinder and mill unit which can also be used for grinding food spice for cooking or dried herbs for medication.
  • 14 settings from the very finest for espresso, to coarse for the traditional drip coffee makers.
  • Built in timer for precise control and make your job more efficient – especially important for prefessional barista.
  • Removable bean container in 8 ounces capacity, along with the attached traditional coffee grind container for extra convinience when brewing lots of coffee.
  • Cord storage makes it easier to put away when finished.
  • Accurate setting and easy to use.
  • Durable and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Can get a little messy when using, as grounds can spew out when removing for cleaning.
  • Coffee grinds will accumulate along the lid area making it hard to clean thoroughly.
  • Expensive compared to traditional blade grinders.

Choosing Best Braun Coffee Grinders

As you can see, the main difference between Braun blade grinder (Aromatic) and Braun coffee mill (Burr) is in the type of drinks you will be likely making. The former is best for gourmet drip coffee that takes time, while the later is more efficient for commercial use, such as in restaurants and bars, or when you simply want to quickly make a cup of espresso or hot latte at home.


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