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If it’s warmth and comfy you are after to endure the cold days of winter, then you’ll be relieved to know of the different amazing types of battery-heated socks available in the market today. They all come in various awesome selections of brands and prices. Whatever activity you are set to for the winter season, you’ll certainly find the best heated socks for you.

Battery-heated socks are basically designed to provide warmth to cold feet particularly during winter period. These heated socks are incessantly evolving and improved until they’ve become further practically think, flexible, light weight, and provide better warm temperature to cold feet. They may even include by then, miniature controller with tiny batteries that would last for longer hours while providing ideal temperature to cold feet.

There are currently various types of battery-heated socks accessible in the market. You’ll find heated socks that are either 3 AA or 4 AA battery-operated. The 3 AA battery-heated socks would provide less heat, whereas those run by 4 AA batteries can generate maximum heat, which is best for colder feet.

However, heated socks with a “D” battery holder are rather found to be the most commonly preferred and used type nowadays. The “D” battery holder is specifically located at the top of every single sock. In contrast, other heated socks are with connector cable allowing batteries to be positioned anywhere on the body instead.

Moreover, there are heated socks that can be operated by Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs or re-chargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion). These battery types are compactly desirable in size and weight, thus are handily worn in a pocket or easily placed on belt.

Various selection of brands and prices to choose from
Indeed it is just amazing and assuring to know about battery-heated socks’ wide selection of brands and prices. This only manifest an appreciable effort to making all these selection available and/accessible for every need, preference, or desire of potential consumers. Now who wouldn’t feel happy and satisfied on this?

When you prefer battery-heated socks that are durable and high quality, then you’d perhaps look into the most popularly known brands, such as Heat Treat (, Cabela (, Ajprindle (, Lange ThermaStat (, Nordic Gear, Hammacher Schlemmer (, Plow & Hearth (, among others.

On the other hand, prices of battery-heated socks available vary from US$20 to $30. Apparently, when you prefer heated socks that are durable and made of quality materials then this corresponds to an expensive price. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean heated socks sold at lower prices possess low grade or unsatisfying qualities. There are also heated socks brands available that are less expensive but provide the same durability similar with those expensive ones.

Best and most suitable
More than anything, manufacturers would want to offer all the needed and most suitable products that they can provide to various ranges of customers or consumers. While there are those who prefer popular brands at corresponding high prices, there are also those who purchase battery-heated socks depending on what is more practical and suitable for them. Nevertheless, the most important and assuring thing is that whatever preferences or need you (as consumer) may have, there is certainly a best and most fitting option for you.


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