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The Bradley electric smoker got its start when in the 1970’s, Mr. Bradley conned a master food smoker into teaching him food smoking secrets by teaching the chef how to fish for salmon.

He learned that controlling the smoke was what made the difference. He and his brother began experimenting with various smoking techniques. The first smoke house was a bread riser, combined with a cast iron frying pan to hold sawdust and a hot plate to generate the smoke.

They eventually invented the Bradley Smoker Bisquettes. A compressed form of sawdust that would create clean, simple smoke, doesn’t burn to ash, requires very little heat energy to smoke and is easily distinguishable. Next they developed the housing unit to hold the food. That’s how the original Bradley electric smoker came into existence.

Their invention comes with a complete smoke generator. The electric smoker prohibits the temperature from fluctuating and eliminates gases, acids and resins that distorts the taste of food as can happen with charcoal. Because of the smoker’s unique design, food doesn’t have to be closely monitored. The unit produces clean, cool smoke, but it is also capable of producing hot smoke. Use it as a slow cooker, roasting oven, or a dehydrator. With Bradley digital smoker temperatures can be controlled up to 360F.

Bradley Electric Smoker Models

bradley original smoker

Bradley Original Smoker
Over the years, the original Bradley smoker has gain many positive reviews and is currently one of the best selling Bradley models on the market for its simplicity and affordable price of just under $300.

This Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Food Smoker is big enough to prepare great tasting bbq for any family size or for outdoor barbeque parties. It can operate for straight 8 hours without re-fueling or wood top ups – surely enough for any big gathering occasions.

You can also get an upgrade in stainless steel version for just over $400

jim beam smoker

Jim Beam Smoker
The newest models were developed in collaboration with the Jim Beam company and include a digital control panel. This Bradley digital smoker, complete with the Jim Beam logo, like the other models weighs in at only 40 pounds, has 4 racks, a thermometer and a smoke generator. The digital panel allows users to control cooking time, temperature and the amount of smoke desired.

The improved model sell the cheapest around $400 at Digital units are available with 4 or 6 racks and in a stainless steel version.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

The patented Bradley bisquettes can be purchased to use with any barbecuing device. Bisquettes are manufactured in a wide variety of flavors like apple, cherry, hickory and maple. Box sizes start with 48 count for about $20 or less. Meat cures in 14oz. or 28 oz. containers in many flavors, are also sold on the Bradley smoker website. Smoke generators can be obtained for less $100, along with complete instructions to make your own smoker. A completely portable propane smoker is available for camping or at the beach. It retails for around $99 and weighs a mere 23 pounds. The website also contains gourmet recipes, FAQ’s, downloads and dealer locations.


The only drawback with this product is the price. Still, the Bradley electric smoker delivers more for the money. Compared to its competitors it is lighter in weight, has a digitally controlled cooking atmosphere, can be set and left unattended, has more cooking options, and the unique bisquettes don’t contaminate food with unwanted toxins or taste.

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