Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board with Iron Parking Zone



Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board is just great and amazing board for the users with iron parking zone very easily. In this case, you will not have any problem to iron in the surface as well as adjust the height according to your comfort. Therefore, you can use the lock system and always keep yourself out from any danger.

Heat Resistant Holder

This ironing board is giving you heat resistant iron parking place for the users. For that reason, you can keep your high temperature iron in the holding place to get good support. In this case, the area will not damage at all because of the extra heat in the iron. On the other hand, the users will not keep the iron in the surface cover sheet like other iron boards. Therefore, this is very comfortable and pain free because of having a good holder for iron.

Large Surface for Ironing

The stable surface with good durability and light body is amazing the users. However, the long surface will offer you to get good cover sheets and iron on the large cover comfortably. For that reason, you do not need to keep the iron or non-ironed clothe areas outside of the board. You can easily keep all areas of the cloth in the cover sheet to have good support.

Adjustable Height Function

The height functions of the ironing board are good for the users in order to free from any accident. In this case, you can use the height changing feature to your height so that you can use this board comfortably. The starting height is from 63 cm to 102 cm for the users in order to give all ages and all heights people good support.

Children Lock System

The superb feature of locking your ironing board will always give you a good option to be safe. Sometimes, your child may interrupt during the ironing time and it will move the ironing board. Therefore, the safety lock will help you to lock up the heights and placement of the ironing board very nicely. In this case your board will not move to any other place and it will simply enhance the safety of your ironing board.

Easy to Fold & Storage

The ironing board is very easily to fold and storage to any room of your house because of light weight and needs little place. Sometimes the ironing board does not have holding option that needs much place. But, this ironing board is very light and folding option to keep aside of your home very easily. For that reason, you can fold the frame of the ironing board when you have completed your ironing.

Unsuitable For Steam Generator Iron

This ironing board has no extra feature and holding place for the steam generator iron. For that reason, this is very safe for any user not to use this ironing board for generator irons at all. You may not have good service along with face troubles while using generator irons for remove wrinkles.


  1. 63 cm to 102 cm Height Function
  2. 10 Year Limited Guarantee
  3. Comfortable Ironing Cover with 100% Cotton
  4. Child Lock Function Avoiding Accident
  5. Iron Parking Zone Safety


  1. Unsuitable for Generator Irons

Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board is giving those features to the users in order to give superb ironing time to the users. In this case, you will have good time and fold it back to the place after ironing. Moreover, the ironing system will always give you a cool function with proper safety of your ironing frame and light weighted body.


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