Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board – with Solid Steam Unit Holder



Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board is a good model of the ironing board in order to get good features. The amazing design with strong frame will give you long time service very easily. Moreover, the ironing board will offer you 10 year limited guarantee easily in order to get free service from the brand.

Solid Steam Holder

The steam holder of the iron board is very amazing with popular unit to hold the iron. In this case, you will not get any steam generator iron holding feature from this board. However, the inbuilt steam unit holder will give you a scratch resistant service to the users in order to keep safe your iron from any marks. Moreover, keep the heat iron in the holder but it will not damage the holder because of heat resistant feature.

Extra Large & Wide Surface

The surface of the ironing board is extra large and wide in order to get quick ironing feature. When you have a large surface to iron any cloth, you will surely feel comfortable for ironing. Moreover, you will also get chance to keep the ironed clothes beside the surface to keep it safe.

Different Height Functions

The height function of the ironing board will give you away from any type of accident. No need to step on any higher thing in order to get the height of the board at all. The 4 different adjustable ironing heights from 77cm to 96 cm will always give you an ergonomic height chance to the users. Therefore, you can use the functions and adjust the height of the board very easily by using the height option. Also, it will lock the height and it will not convert into another height during ironing.

Cover Sheet Detail

This ironing board is giving you multi layered covers of the surface in order to give you comfortable ironing feature. In this case, you will get the 100% cotton cover sheet over the layers. The resilient foam and smooth viscose underlay will also give you a good comfortable during using the ironing cover to iron. In this case, you will not use any other cover sheet over the board in order to get good support under the ironing board.

Quick Ironing Performance

The useful ironing board with the large surface will give you quick and comfortable ironing feature to you. In this case, you will get the four height settings along with the good cover sheet to help you. As a result, you do not need to come with another sheet or helpful height adjusting thing while using the board. Therefore, you can easily save your time and use the long surface with good holder to keep your iron safe.

100% Safe to Use

Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board is 100% safe with children lock system in the legs in order to get good experience. Your frame will not move according to your ironing time because of the lock system and height adjustable lock. Moreover, the design of the frame with full resistant of cord and scratch will give you full time support to keep safe.


  1. Comfortable & Good Cover Layers
  2. Different featured Height & Lock Feature
  3. Solid Compact Design & Structure


  1. No Extra Basket
  2. No Shirt Hangers to Keep Ironed Clothes

Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board is a good choice if you want a solid frame with many advanced features. You will get the frame with 10 years solid construction structure in order to get good support. However, the safety and storage function of this performance is just great to the users for comfortable ironing functions.


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