Boxing Jump Rope & Skipping Ropes


Jump ropes (or skipping ropes) are the most efficient, holistic training exercise any boxer–or any athlete, for that matter–could include in their training routine. They have many great and valuable benefits that a routine in jump ropes has become a standard exercise during workout and training sessions, and more so for boxers. For as little as five dollars, a fighter could develop better footwork, endurance, rhythm and coordination, and stamina. On top of that, jumping ropes is also a very basic exercise that would truly improve a fighter’s punching power.  It goes without saying, then, that jump ropes should be one of the first sports gears an aspiring boxer should have. Even better, they usually come cheap, considering the importance of the things they help develop.

When it comes to boxing jumping ropes, there are a number of great choices in terms of function and price. When choosing jump ropes, you want to first make sure that it is just the right height for you. Skipping rope is a training to improve your footwork and a stumble due to too long or too short a rope could ruin the footwork and may injure the fighter in the process. Another important point to remember is to check the quality of the skipping rope and this is a sum of multiple factors such as weight of the handle, grip, spin speed, cable quality, and a few other factors you personally value.  In order to help you choose the best rope to become a regular part of your routine, we have compiled a list of our picks for boxing jump ropes.

Crossfit Jump Rope

This brand is in every list of best jump ropes wherever you look, largely because of its top notch quality and features.  The rope is adjustable, so you will never have to work with an uncomfortable rope length. It comes with a workout Ebook that has lots of tips and advice and makes for a great deal if you are a beginner, plus a carrying case to help avoid stretching and tangling with your other workout gear. However, the handle can sometimes be slippery so if you are the type that easily sweats in the hands this may not be very comfortable for you. Aside from that one drawback, the Crossfit Jump Rope is considered one of the best jump ropes in the market.

SKLZ Weighted Speed Rope

These speed ropes’ most unique feature is the removable weights in the handles, allowing for extra burn in the workout. The plastic handles are larger and padded with foam, so those looking to buy this brand of skipping rope should take this into consideration as well. The PVC rope has smooth tubing and gives it a free motion when in the air. Just like the Crossfit Jump Rope, the SKLZ also has adjustable rope to ensure best rope length.

Everlast Leather Weighted Jump Rope

A household name in the world of boxing, Everlast also makes great quality jump ropes that comes highly recommended. The rope is genuine leather and attached to polished wood handles, but quite difficult to adjust in terms of rope length, so this may be a factor for others to consider.

Larger handles, leather ropes, free Ebooks–whatever the features of a skipping rope is, it will still come down to one’s preferences, so reading a list of the best in the market doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best for you. Check other people’s reviews or try out a skipping rope if you must, but always keep in mind that the best jump rope is not the one that were featured most often, but the one that provides you with the best benefits in your workout.


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