Bottom loading 5 Gallon Water Coolers


If you love having clean refreshing water anytime you want, then you’ve probably looked into buying a water cooler. Bottled water coolers are great but they come with one problem, the bottles. Most water coolers use a five gallon water bottle because it’s a liftable amount of water that doesn’t have to be changed out too frequently. However, five gallons is over 40 pounds which is difficult for all but those in the best of shape. Luckily, one company has designed a bottom loading 5 gallon water cooler that allows you to put the water bottle into a bottom compartment rather than putting lifting it up and putting it in the top.

How Bottom Loading Water Coolers work

You may have seen pictures on the internet of bottom loading water dispensers, but weren’t quite sure how they’d work or if it would be what you’re looking for. Typically, these units will have a detachable pump that can be quickly and easily installed onto a 5 gallon water bottle. The pump is set up to pump the water into either the hot or cold stainless steel reservoirs (they use stainless steel reservoirs to avoid the nasty plastic taste some people have described). Once the pump is installed you can shut the door and the water bottle remains out of sight until the five gallons of water is used up. Some of the best bottom loading water coolers will work with both 3 and 5 gallon water bottles which is more convenient for senior citizens and other folks who have a hard time moving the larger water bottles. The one issue that you need to look out for when using a bottom loading water dispenser is that sometimes the pump can be tricky to install. Spending an extra few minutes to properly install the water pump will save you the hassle and annoyance later.

Where to Buy Bottom Loading Water Coolers

We’ve looked across the internet to try and find some of the lowest priced bottom loading water coolers. Our favorite is a stainless steel water cooler that is manufactured by Primo. This unit has all the same features of a regular water cooler such as: hot and cold water dispensers, push button controls that are much easier to use than the lever kind, stainless steel reservoirs for better tasting water and energy efficient cooling technology, not to mention it has a cool LED nightlight for home use. If you want to buy a bottom loading water cooler, we recommend the Primo which you can use the link below to purchase at one of the lowest prices around.


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