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Hot Water Dispenser Reviews, Best Bottled Water Ratings

Today’s market for bottleless or bottled water dispensers, (also commonly known as water coolers to general public) has evolved by considerable measures, to the extend that you get almost spring like purified water for the fraction of the price it used to be, compared to few years back.

However, with the vast improve in the water filtration and purification systems, in the race to reduce prices for consumers, new bottled water brands and suppliers are emerging everywhere, making it harder and more confusing for a novice person to quickly choose the best water cooler for their homes, work office, or community organizations.

Many company claims and advertising can be very misleading with boasted figures and numbers, while in reality their so called “drinking distilled water” might not be any better than direct tab water from your house. That’s why you will need a little digging and do your homework of researching carefully before buying into any such offers.

Fortunately, here you will find unbiased, clutter free and straight forward guide to buying the bottled water coolers, including hot and cold water dispensers. We have read and researched into hundred of consumer reviews, as well as bottled water ratings, before summarizing only the most important bottled water companies to recommend on our site, so you can be rest assured to make a better purchase decision.

Before you buy, make sure to check the different water cooler dispenser types below to get an idea of what to look for when ordering from local bottled water suppliers in your area.

Water Dispenser Buying Guide:

water-cooler-bottles – 5 Gallon Water Bottle

Desktop Water Cooler Sizes, Best Desktop Water Dispenser
With mini desktop water cooler, clean distilled water to a large group of people becomes readily available. Portable desktop water dispenser makes drinking water in offices, business meetings convenient

Countertop Water Coolers
Countertop water dispensers work on the mechanism of an adjustable cold water thermostat; since the thermostat has the ability to adjust temperature as set, the water in these coolers in turn can be turned into varying degrees of heats and cools, as per preferences.


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