Botox Safety Practices Before You Buy Botox


Your face is one of your most visible features, so if you’re considering injection, Botox safety is a priority.


After all, who wants to get a treatment that makes the “after” photo look worse than the “before” photo? That’s why I started my mission to educate myself about Botox side effects. Here’s what I learned about the safety and dangers of Botox:

Is Botox safety affected by its origin?

Genuine Botox isn’t manufactured in some creep’s basement. The brand name product is formulated by a large pharmaceutical corporation, Allergan. Since it’s a prescription medicine, it’s also regulated by the FDA.

If you’re concerned about the danger of Botox, be sure to ask your health care provider if they are using the genuine product or a substitute.

Is Botox Safe? What about side effects? Are They Serious?

Hear Opinion from Professional on How Safe Botox is

The most common side effects are usually nothing more than unsightly and inconvenient. For example, some patients report they had swelling or irritation near the injection site. Others experience headaches or nausea following the treatment.

When it comes to Botox safety, a good provider will use proven techniques to provide the most positive outcomes and minimize side effects.

How does Botox compare to cosmetic procedures?

Any medical procedure carries its own unique risks. For example, plastic surgery requires anesthesia, which offers a laundry list of potential side effects, including heart and lung problems, pain, or nerve damage. The surgery and the recovery also carry risks such as blood clots, infection, and even death.

Another common anti aging procedure, chemical peels, can be risky as well. Patients have reported scarring, skin discoloration, and even the reactivation of ugly and painful cold sores.

How can I reduce the dangers of Botox?

Here are three ways to lower Botox risks:

  1. Find a qualified provider: Botox injections are a medical procedure, so don’t assume that any salon or spa technician is qualified to deliver the treatment. Consider doctors (plastic surgeons, dermatologists, etc.) or experienced registered nurses (RNs).
  2. Share your medical history: This is not the time to be embarrassed about the cosmetic procedure you had a few years ago or the condition that causes your hand tremors. Botox has very serious potential side effects, especially for those with pre-existing medical conditions or those who’ve had previous surgeries.
  3. Provide a full list of the medications and supplements you take: The risk of consequences increases with certain medications, including commonly-prescribed antibiotics such as aminoglycoside antibiotics.

Is Botox the right anti wrinkle treatment for your skin?

It’s true that there are Botox side effects, but it’s also true that the prescription medicine is a popular treatment that’s been used for many years to help women just like you achieve a more youthful and confident appearance.

Don’t let fears about Botox safety prevent you from further exploring this effective and safe treatment. Talk to your medical provider to find out the Botox injections cost and if it’s the right anti wrinkle solution for you.


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