Where & How to Buy Botox Gift Certificates?


When it’s time for a “wow” gift for that special woman, many men consider Botox gift certificates.


Whether it’s taxiing the kids to practice or taking an aging in-law to see the doctor, she spends so much time caring for everyone else. Now it’s her turn to be pampered.

If you’re thinking about a gift certificate for Botox, here are the facts you need to know, from how much you’ll spend to buying from physicians with Botox certification.

My Wife Hates Her Crow’s Feet. Will Botox Treat That?

Doctors use Botox shots to treat several areas, including crow’s feet, the vertical lines around the mouth, laugh or frown lines, and the vertical lines of the forehead. Some professionals also use Botox treatments under the eyes and in the neck area.

Where Should I Buy Botox Gift Certificates?

Botox is a medication that should only be delivered by an experienced and trained medical professional. Cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and eye doctors are typically able to inject Botox.

And although a variety of health care professionals can administer the shot, medical experts recommend using a doctor or surgeon who is board certified in specialties such as plastic surgery. These doctors will have particular experience working in the facial area and will have access to proper medical facilities in the rare case of complications.

In addition, some medical organizations, such as the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, offer Botox certification. Although programs vary, health care professionals who have earned certificates generally learn how to safely and properly store, prepare, and inject this anti wrinkle treatment.

How Much Will a Treatment Cost?

A variety of factors will determine how much you’ll spend on a Botox gift certificate, such as the area of the country where you live and how many areas of the face you would like to be treated.

In general, expect to pay up to $500 per treatment area, although the cost may be much less in some locations.

Remember that Botox is not permanent, so a doctor will need to perform repeat treatments every three to six months to maintain that youthful look.

It Sounds Like this is Going to be an Investment. Will it Work?

Over 95% of patients report an improvement in their lines and wrinkles, according to small study by the manufacturer. In addition, Botox has been a very popular treatment since the early 2000s, which speaks to its high rate of customer satisfaction.

I Want to Buy a Gift Certificate, But is it Safe?

Yes. According to the Botox manufacturer, Allergan, U.S. doctors have delivered almost 12 million doses since it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the early 2000s. The prescription medication is a much diluted form of a paralyzing toxin that blocks the nerve signals which trigger muscle contractions and the wrinkles they cause.

Of course, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are side effects, which include, among other things, nausea and headaches. More serious side effects are very rare. A qualified professional will explain these side effects to your loved during her consultation.

So is Botox certification the Right Gift for Your Loved One?

Botox gift certificates are a thoughtful way to pamper the woman who takes care of so much. Talk to a professional with Botox gift certification in your area today and help that special someone in your life start down the path toward a more confident self.

Here is a more detailed guide to help you determine Botox prices.


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