Botox Complications, Risks & Dangers


Should You Buy Botox Injections Online to Reduce the Cost?

Worried about Botox complications and potential risks and problems of buying Botox injections?


I’ve been considering the anti wrinkle injections for awhile, but I was worried about everything from potential side effects to Botox cost. I finally got tired of looking tired all the time, so I decided to do the research myself to discover if this is the right treatment for me.

First, you need to thoroughly understand the Botox side effects, as well as potential Botox problems and associated risks.

Some of them aren’t much more than inconveniences. For instance, patients sometimes report swelling and bruising, which is often the result of the injection itself. When the Botox shot is injected in the eye area, it may actually cause black eyes that last a few days.

I have to admit, though, that the more serious side effects are enough to make the most enthusiastic youth seeker sit up and take notice.

Botox can potentially weaken the muscles used for swallowing and breathing. In fact, when a patient experiences swallowing problems, a feeding tube may be required.

Companies also reports that botulism is another potential side effect. While they note that there have been no confirmed cases of the life-threatening disease from cosmetic shots, if you’re concerned about Botox complications, it’s something to seriously consider.

Can You Buy Botox Injections Online?

Yes… But should you?

No. No. And no. First, in many countries it’s illegal to purchase the prescription medication online. That should be enough to stop most of us from clicking the “buy” button.

If that’s not enough of a reason, consider this: Botox is not a benign off-the-shelf beauty cream. It’s a prescription medication that’s a form of the toxin that causes botulism, the virulent food poisoning you may have heard of.

If it’s not injected in the correct muscle or in the correct dilution, it may paralyze the wrong muscles. This triggers, for example, eyelids that droop so severely they can actually block your vision. In addition, if it’s injected too low it can paralyze the muscles that control breathing, speaking, and swallowing. Enough said.

Want bargain prices? Can you go with the cheapest rate and still receive a safe treatment?

That depends. Most health experts recommend reducing the risk of Botox complications by receiving the shot from a licensed physician, such as a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. An experienced physician’s assistant (PA) or registered nurse (RN) in a cosmetic or dermatology office is often the next best choice.

But if you’re really bargain hunting you may be able to find good rates from a local salon or spa. Some of these businesses contract with a medical professional able to deliver the injection in a safe manner. If you choose a good provider, it’s likely to be safer than it would be to buy Botox injection online and ask your nursing student niece to inject the toxin.

So if you’re still interested in treatment, what’s the next step?

A medical professional will walk you through potential Botox complications, as well as possible alternatives to Botox and Botox injection prices so you can decide if this is your ideal anti wrinkle treatment. Remember, it is your face-don’t put it or your health in jeopardy by trying to find cut-rate Botox costs.


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