Bosch TDA5620GB Sensixx Comfort Power 11 Iron Black



Bosch TDA5620GB is a good iron model for the users to remove wrinkles from cloth and give it a good and refreshing look. The design and features are amazing to handle and iron your clothes with some movement. The ironing performance gives good feeling with professional results to the users. The exceptional way to giving ironing performance with good steam power gives the user real comfort.

Scratch Resistant Soleplate

The soleplate of Bosch TDA5620GB is good enough to heat quickly and gives the users time wasting free feature. The steam heat of the iron is easy to control with the configuration system available on the iron. Moreover, the anti-calc system of the soleplate also offers to give good output of steam to remove tricky wrinkles easily.  

Good Design

The design of the Bosch TDA5620GB is quite impressive with black and gray color combination. However, the measure is little bit small that may need some moment to iron any cloth. On the other hand, the cable system is long enough to power plug-in and gives you comfortable ironing feature. Moreover, the 1.3kg weighted iron may raise some problems including hand pain due to long time ironing.

Anti-Calc System

The anti-calc system of the Bosch TDA5620GB iron gives good ironing performance as well as prevents water hardness on the clothes. As a result, the users do not face any problem of using too much water using the water spray of the iron. The hardness will be removed easily and within a short movement with the anti-calc system of this iron.

Quick Steam with High Power

Bosch TDA5620GB does not need much time to become heat in order to start ironing feature. On the other hand, the iron will upgrade the level of steam with 2800 watts power. The starting steam heat is from 40g per minute to 120g per minute in order to speed up your ironing performance. In this case, the soleplate does not need much time to heat up your iron to start ironing and clean wrinkles fully. 

Contented Ironing Feature

Bosch TDA5620GB is giving comfortable ironing feature with good configuration for the users. The handle of the iron is quite soft and easy to carry to any place for ironing. Moreover, you do not need to remove the clothes from hangers in order to ironing them. The ironing feature gives hanging on clothes easy to iron that makes your task faster than you need to do. On the other hand, the settings are easy to understand with the instruction book of the iron. The iron water spray container does not need to re-fill now and then because of 300ml water container.  

Auto Turn off Function

The auto turn off system of the Bosch TDA5620GB iron is really impressive for the users in order to keep them safe from any type of electric shock or accidents. Just keep the iron aside while ironing a cloth and the power will turn off within in 30 seconds in order to give you good support. Moreover, if you are forgotten to turn off the power switch, the iron will atomically stop taking power from the 9th minute. As a result, your home and you are free from any type of accident because of this super cool iron.


  1. Good Design with 2800 Watts Power
  2. Scratch Free Soleplate with High Steam
  3. Auto Turn Off to Reduce Electric Accidents


  1. Heavy weight 1.34 kg
  2. Only Self Cleaning System

However, the Bosch TDA5620GB irons with Black and Gray color gives good color combination with some excellent features. The weight of the iron may be little bit heavy but the other features easily hide one disadvantage of using this iron to the users.


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