Bosch Saws


The Bosch line up of tools is extensive and wide ranging, with everything from entry level tools suitable for amateur projects, to higher end tools suited to professional grade contracts. Bosch produces tools for just about every job, so they are a good brand to compare with when doing shopping for any sort of tool.


Bosch power jigsaws come in a number of models. The 1590EVSK is a top handled jigsaw that features their One-Touch blade change system, as well as a 3 year warranty. The 1590EVSK comes 6.4 amps, and a 4-position orbital control. The 1590EVSK also comes with a handy variable speed control.

Bosch produces a wide variety of circular saws, from sidewinder to worm drive saws. Bosch’s 7-1/4″ circular saw comes with a 15 amp motor, featuring their patented Direct Connect technology. The saw also comes with a blower to clear out excess saw dust as you work. Bosch also offers wormdrive saws, with their 1677MD-XC model providing 15 amps of power to the motor. The 1677MD-XC also has 50 degree bevel capacity.

The RS15 1-1/4″ reciprocating saw provides plenty of power at 12 amps. The RS15 also has a variable speed trigger to give the user precise control. Bosch also has a line up of powerful cordless tools, including reciprocating saws. The model 1651K provides 36V of power to give the saw an SPM of 3000. The ProVantage warranty program gives users extensive coverage of their tools for up to 3 years.

Bosch also offers several cordless models, including the 36V cordless 6-1/2″ circular saw. The model 1671K is easy to operate, with a spring loaded battery loading mechanism that makes changing batteries a simple process. The 1671K also comes with a litheon battery charger, a carbide blade, and a carrying case.


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