Bosch Professional Plus 2400w Steam Generator Tds2511gb, 110g Shot of Steam, 4.5 Bar, Permanent Refill Water Tank, Ceramic Soleplate


Bosch Professional Plus 2400w steam generator iron is a good designed iron from the iron brand. The features and power boost may not give you the best service like other powerful steam generator irons in the market but it will give good support with durability. The refilling water tank with good soleplate will always give you a good steam to iron your clothes. On the other hand, the ironing feature is very easy to clean and scratch resistant soleplate to give you long time service.

Amazing Design with good Power

Bosch Professional Plus is a good and well designed steam generator iron that will give you 2400 Watt power for good ironing. In this case, you will get good power that results in good steam output for ironing. For that reason, the amazing design and power will ensure good stubborn wrinkles removal with this good iron.  

Scratch Free Ceramic Soleplate

Bosch Professional Plus 2400w Steam Generator Iron is a super quality scratch free soleplate to give good pressure bar. For that reason, use the 4.5 bar pressure with good steam. With this self-clean ceramic soleplate, it will surely give you good functions.  

Good Steam Output Rate

The steam output of this steam generator is little bit low than you expect from any generator iron. For that reason, you may not select the steam generator iron for your garment ironing performance as well. In this case, the steam generator iron will always give you 110 g per minute that increase the wrinkle removal speed.

Light Indicator Technology

The light indicator technology of this steam generator iron is quite good and helps the user to know about this. In this case, the users will have good indicator of finishing the water of the tank as well as the heat condition of the iron. For that reason, watch out the light indicators at the time of ironing your clothes in order to get good functions very easily.

Water Tank with Good Spray Function

The water tank of the steam generator iron is good enough but little but smaller than other steam generator irons. For that reason, you will not able to continue ironing for a long time with per refilling at all. But, the light indicator system will help you and give alert before finishing the water of the tank. On the other hand, the water tank is very easy to remove for any person and a good guideline book is also available to learn this. Therefore, you should not feel problem at the time of removing the water tank from the iron to give good performance.

Comfortable Ironing

Bosch Professional Plus 2400W steam generator iron is a cool iron for having comfort during the ironing time. Sometimes, the users get touch with the soleplate and burn the hands badly. In this case, the iron will keep you safe because of the ideal design and placement of the soleplate. Moreover, the comfortable ironing feature will give you a good reason to iron because of a light body and compact design.


  1. Ceramic Soleplate For Better Ironing Purpose
  2. Good Steam Generator with Compact Design
  3. Light Weight for Comfortable Ironing
  4. Light Indicator Technology


  1. Only 110g/ Min Output Steam
  2. Only 800ml Water Tank

If you really want to get a pleasuring steam generator iron, you must use Bosch Professional Plus 2400w. This steam generator is not for any professional usages if you want to quick and faster ironing performance at all. For that reason, use this steam generator iron for your home that will increase your ironing experience.


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