Bosch JS470E Jig Saw Review – The Saw That Cuts With Precision

If you want a power tool or more precisely a jigsaw power tool, you should get any of the jigsaws from Bosch Tools. Although all Bosch jigsaws work exceptionally well, I recommend Bosch JS470E Jig saw because this is what I’m using now. Its ability to cut small details and complex patterns on any material with accuracy and precision is amazing. Its internal precision control system is an engineering breakthrough in the power tool technology.

Bosch power tools such as this jigsaw is a product from Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany under Bosch Tools. Robert Bosch GmbH or simply BOSCH was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886. The company started as a manufacturer of automotive products before diversifying its business to industrial technology, consumer goods and power tools. Today, it is the world’s largest maker and supplier of automotive components, as well as one of the world’s largest makers of power tools.

Price and Features

This heavy-duty Bosch JS470E Jigsaw can be purchased at with a big saving of 52% off the list price. Place your order online now and avail of the free shipping.

Some of the product features include but not limited to the following:

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle JigsawList Price$292.00Current PriceToo low to displayPrice Disclaimer

  • sturdy aluminum gearbox that features insulated cover for safety
  • the unique blade ejection lever allows users to eject the blade, thus avoiding contact on its hot surface
  • innovative lock-on button design for users with different dexterity allowing steady long cuts and better control
  • 4 different orbital-action setting controls for smooth and aggressive cut strokes
  • the variable speed dial enables users to control the speed depending on the kind of material being cut.
  • the internal precision control system holds the blade firmly in place reducing vibration while cutting and helps to ensure accurate cuts
  • its lightweight and compact design makes lifting and handling fatigue-free
  • the adjustable dust blower keeps dusts off the cutting line at all times

Who is it for?

The compact Bosch JS470E is a perfect solution for any job that requires precision cutting complex patterns on any material that you’re working on.

Pros and Cons

I don’t really find, honestly speaking, any issues with this power tool. The truth is, Bosch JS470E is engineered for maximum efficiency in performance and designed in style for maximum comfort without causing strain to your muscles. The lightweight and compact design is enough for me why I was tempted to buy this tool. But the best part of the tool that catches my fancy is its efficiency in cutting accurate patterns on any material. The cutting-edge technological innovation found in this tool, which is quite amazing for such a small tool, is already an engineering marvel.

Why you should buy it

If you are serious looking for a jigsaw that really makes precision cuts, you should Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw. Whatever material you are working on that requires precision cutting and artistic patterns this top-of-line top-handle jigsaw is the perfect solution.


Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw is a power tool that cuts with precision.


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