Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Review

Powered with 6.5-Amp, Bosch JS365 is a powerful motor jigsaw and has been well known for its power. Cutting hard thick wood is no need extra energy anymore with this jigsaw from Bosch. Like other tools from Bosch, this JS365 jigsaw made from a durable material. That would long last at your home. More power but works smooth and less vibrant with the ergonomic handle makes comfort and easy to move. You can create whatever you want made from wood, aluminum or even steel. No extra energy needed but cut perfectly.

Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit

Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw KitList Price$240.00Current PriceToo low to displayPrice DisclaimerCompatible for home use with 120 voltage, fit for your home jigsaw solution or your business tool. Everyone can use, either you are a professional carpenter or you just a daddy who love making house for you dog. Ergonomic design completed with two-finger trigger make this jigsaw from Bosch is easy for using even for an amateur. Completed with several speed power for different material cutting. For soft wood Bosch JS365 provided with 3 ½ inch cutting capacity, 7/8 inch cutting capacity for aluminum and 3/8 inch cutting capacity for mild steel. Using difference speed would help you to get the maximum cutting output. Also with additional lock button to lock the speed for a steady long cut. Rest your finger and just move it forward for long cut.

Bosch js365 Package

No hassle when installing the blade. Compatible for the T-shank blade, the tool-less blade changing system help you the amateur to set the blade or remove it. This jigsaw does not support the U-shank blade. But with T-shank this Bosch JS365 jigsaw has many cutting moves to fulfill your design. Completed with the orbital settings for smooth and aggressive cutting. You just need this one jigsaw from Bosch, and you already have your own carpenter at home. One jigsaw but you can create whatever kind of cutting for many materials. User friendly user makes this jigsaw easy to use and comfortable in handling. Cut in clean, with the dust blower built in the machine, would help you to see the line clearly. With a sturdy die-cast foot to help you manage your move while cutting.

Bosch already started their business since 1886. Since that year, their products already known for the quality and durability. But do not worry if something wrong with your new Bosch, completed with one year manufacturer’s warranty. Comes with the hard case to keep all the equipment together including the jigsaw, blade, wrench, plastic overshoe and also anti-splinter insert. All those equipment inserted in one solid carrying case. Put them all in one case then you can bring all your equipment together.

Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit is one solution for all your cutting need. Sharp blade for many material, friendly user, multidirectional T-shank blade, no need tool to change the blade, aggressive and smooth cuts, and also comes with a completed package. All you need is here. Made in China with the high quality material for the long lasting use. Order this jigsaw now from Amazon, then you will get this jigsaw for a few days with free shipping.


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