Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw Review


Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw Review

Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw

The Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw is a remarkable and exclusive saw machine that you will surely like and love using. This table saw machine has lots of amazing and unique features that can’t be found in other table saw machine models that are being made and distributed by other brands and manufacturers. This saw machine is capable of doing lots of amazing things and its features make it very simple and easy to use. Its components are made from high quality tools that are very high-tech and sturdy.

Product Description

  • It is a worksite table saw that has a wheeled stand that is gravity rise.
  • It has a very powerful 15 amp motor, and a 4.4 horse power output, precision rip fence and a soft start.
  • It also has a machined aluminum table that has a ½” gauge steel heavy tubing, and a carbide blade.
  • It also includes a saw, blade, bladed wrench hex key, blade, and a miter gauge.
  • Also has a 29 by 21 – ½” table, the saw weighs 59 pounds
  • This also comes with a 1 year warranty that can be used in case of any problem or issue.


The Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw has lots of wonderful and exciting benefits that can offer to its users. One of the best benefits that can be obtained from this product is that it is able to provide the customers with a much easier and faster cutting performance. Another benefit that customers will also get from this product is that they will be able to bring this saw at any work site they will use it for thanks to the portable design that it has, which means that they can most likely bring it anywhere Customers will also like this saw because they will surely be able to save a lot of money on electric bills as well as on the price of the table saw mechanism because it is very cheap and inexpensive.


The Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw may also experience or meet certain mechanical issues and problems, but there are also many solutions for each problem that a customer may experience or encounter with this table saw machine. Some clients complain that this table saw machine is very easy to break, but this kind of problem often happens because of the improper usage or storing. Consumers must always make sure that they will maintain and regularly check the product after each use, in order to avoid this kind of problems.

Customer Reviews and Score

The Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw has a rating of 4.5 stars out of the possible 5 star rating. 87 customers rated it a 5 star score, 25 gave it 4 stars, 7 rated it 3 stars, 4 rated it 2 stars, and 1 client rated it 1 stars, a total of 126 customers gave their reviews and comments about the products performances and service. Many of the customers that have already bought this table saw machine were very happy and pleased about the wonderful performance that they gained from this table saw machine.


The Bosch 4000-09 Table Saw is a nice saw machine that lots of customers and users have already tested and proven to be very useful and accurate. Many have been impressed by this table saw.


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