Booty Fleshlight Review


Booty Fleshlight Review

Christy Mack Booty Fleshlight Review


The Booty Fleshlight is like being a pirate, and you’ll do anything for this booty. The Booty Fleshlight comes only with the butthole orifice so entrance to this secret cove will be a squeeze. The canal structure of the Booty Fleshlight is repetitive, a succession of chambers with 360 degrees of flat bumps and each chamber is separated by a tight gap. Each tight gap is not nearly as tight as the entrance, which can literally be difficult at times to actually get into. The flat bumps are everywhere within the Booty Fleshlight, even on the tight gap sections. The flat bumps not on these sections are somewhat out of reach and this is the only real downside to the Booty Fleshlight. There are five tight gaps within the Booty Fleshlight and after the last one, there is one more ring of flat bumps and then a small relief.

Walk the plank

The Booty Fleshlight’s basic combination of flat bumps and tight gaps surely gets the job done, but does not stand out among other Fleshlights. The reason for this is that the best points of contact in the Booty Fleshlight are limited to the five tight gaps in the canal. You can tell that the flat bumps that are not on the tight gaps are there, but the sensations you get from them are lacking in comparison. The best part about this Fleshlight is its orifice. Whether you are a fan of anal sex or not, this orifice will impress and excite you every time. We recommend getting an anal as well as an pussy orifice for your Fleshlight collection, and the Booty Fleshlight could be it. The flat bumps are also lacking in comparison with bump structures found in other Fleshlights such as the Barracuda Fleshlight or Attack Fleshlight. They aren’t as stimulating as the usual large and small bumps making the Booty Fleshlight suitable if you are looking for a Fleshlight that won’t overpower your senses (stamina training). If you are looking for a less bumpy ride, check out our Bulletproof Fleshlight Review.


Our Booty Fleshlight review reveals that this is simply not the most stimulating Fleshlight out there. It’s not bad, it’s just not great either. If you want something more open ended, examine our Fleshlight Quickshot Review. We found the tight gaps and the orifice to be the highlights here but the space in between is lacking in intensity. For our Booty Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 7/10.



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