Bootea Teatox Reviews: What are the benefits, ingredients and side effects of this detox tea?


Bootea teatox reviews: The Bootea teatox makes the most of knowledge gained by alternative medicine and herbal science over the last few centuries.

They claim to have found the winning combination of different herbal extracts and natural products which will set you on track towards a healthier you.

Just like many other teatox on the market, Bootea works by reducing your appetite, increasing the rate of your metabolism and ridding your body of harmful toxins.

When combined with regular exercise and the Bootea eating plan, the results are supposed to be a fantastic way to lose weight in a healthy and controlled manner.

Just like other detox tea products ,bootea has a morning and evening detox tea.

  • Daytime Detox
  • Bedtime Cleanse

Bootea Detox Tea Ingredients

All of the ingredients for both Bootea’s Daytime Detox and the Bedtime Cleanse are listed on the website.

Daytime Detox

  • Ginseng Root
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Lemon Grass
  • Chinese Oolong Tea
  • Gotu Kola
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Yerba Mate
  • Ginger Root
  • Fennel Seeds


Ginseng Root
Has a wide number of uses; it is used as a calming treatment for stress, a stimulant to give you more energy and as a boost to the immune system.
Lemon Grass
Lemongrass is full of flavour but it is also rich in essential vitamins, minerals and helps to keep cholesterol under control.
Chinese Oolong Tea
Is full of anti-oxidants and has proven effective in reducing cholesterol leaves and decreasing the risk of developing heart conditions.
Gotu Kola
Acts as a stimulant which are often used to treat stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and memory loss.
Dandelion Leaf
Dandelion leaves are rich in minerals and act as great vitamin supplements.
Nettle Leaf
Rich in fibre and vitamins and there is a good amount of evidence to suggest that they are effective in treating osteoarthritis.
Yerba Mate
Contains caffeine and are included to give you more energy in the morning. They are also known to boost your immune system and help you fight common illnesses.
Ginger Root
Is included to give the tea a fresh and strong flavour, but is also a well-known anti-inflammatory.
Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds contain a high number of anti-oxidants as well as being a good source of dietary fibre


Bedtime Cleanse

  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • Hawthorn Leaves
  • Peppermint Leaves
  • Liquorice root
  • Psyllium seeds
  • Valerian Root
  • Burdock Roots
  • Senna leaves


Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek seeds are used to decrease body fat and to reduce cholesterol.
Hawthorn Leaves
Supposed to help reduce blood pressure and to prevent heart failure.
Peppermint Leaves
Have a clean and fresh taste, and have also been proved to be effective in helping to preserve memory function and mental agility
Burdock Roots
Burdock root is thought to have useful properties in keeping skin healthy.
Senna Leaves
Are effective laxatives which help to flush out the digestive system quickly to rid the body of toxins.
Liquorice root
Has a distinctive, sweet flavour and is used to improve the taste of the tea. It is also thought to be effective in improving the efficiency of the digestive system.
Psyllium seeds
Rich in fibre to help with digestion.
Valerian Root
Rich in fibre to help with digestion.



  • Comes with an eating plan to help you make the most of its effects
  • Infusion comes in teabags so you do not have to measure out loose tea every morning
  • Fast shipping to all countries


  • Potential laxative effects

Bootea Side Effects

There is only one side effect which is listed on the Bootea website, and that is the laxative effects caused by the senna root in the Bedtime Cleanse tea.

The tea is designed to make you visit the bathroom more frequently, to help you to get rid of any toxins in your system.

You are only supposed to drink the Bedtime Cleanse tea every other night, which should keep its laxative effects well under control.

However, if you do experience cramping, nausea, diarrhoea, light-headedness or vomiting then you should visit your doctor immediately.

You can control the strength of the Bedtime Cleanse tea by brewing it for only 30 seconds or so, rather than leaving the teabag in the water for several minutes. This should reduce any laxative effects if you find yourself to be having problems.

There are also several ingredients in the teas which some people are allergic to. Make sure that you read through the ingredients list carefully before you purchase the tea to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

How long does it take to ship products?

Bootea detox is a company which is based in the United Kingdom. All orders placed within the United Kingdom will arrive the next working day after they have been shipped.

For European addresses, orders will arrive between 2 and 4 days after shipping, for deliveries to the US and Canada, orders will arrive between 2 and 5 days after shipment.

For deliveries to anywhere else in the world, customers may need to wait up to 10 days after shipment to receive their products.

Do they allow returns / refunds?

Bootea is not a product which gives a money back guarantee. You will only qualify for a refund the individual tea packages remain sealed and unopened, if the product does not have the desired effects then this is not grounds for a refund.

You have to contact Bootea themselves in order to obtain the address to which you need to return any products which you have decided that you no longer want.

Refunds cannot be made if you supplied the wrong address to Bootea when you ordered the product.

Are there genuine website customer Bootea teatox reviews on their website?

There are customer reviews on the website but they do not have their own reviews section.

Instead, in order to find the customer reviews you will need to go to the shop, click on the product you wish to buy and you will then be able to see the reviews for that product listed below the picture.

Are the products made in America?

Bootea is a British company, but their website does not state where their teabags are manufactured or packaged.

Are their contacts listed on the website?

There is no phone number listed on the website. There is a contact form instead which you must fill out in order to get in touch with the company.

The company address is listed on the website should you prefer to contact them via letter.

Final Thoughts

The Bootea company comes with an eating plan which to enhance the effects of the teatox.

Whilst the tea helps to flush away the toxins which are already in your body, the eating plan helps to ensure that you put fewer toxins back inside your body once it has been cleansed.

The eating plan doesn’t cost any extra and you can access it online. The eating plan is fully vegetarian so you should be prepared not to eat meet for 14 – 28 days if you are going to follow it strictly.


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