Bookworm Fleshlight Review


Kayden Kross Bookworm Fleshlight Review


The Bookworm Fleshlight is like reading a book on how to fuck your favorite pornstar, and then fucking your favorite pornstar. While that day may never actually come, you can keep yourself occupied by picking up a Bookworm Fleshlight. The three dominant features of the Bookworm Fleshlite are the large bumps, shallow and wide cross ribbed sections and the zig zagging canal. The combination of these three key features creates a unique experience. The zig zagged canal structure is accommodated on each turn with a large circular bump and a shallow and wide cross ribbed section. There are about twenty large bumps lining the Bookworm Fleshlite canal and you can distinctively notice each one because of its size. The zig zagging feature is only available with this Fleshlight, the Texas Tornado Fleshlite and the Vortex Fleshlight. Between the three of those, we recommend this one if the zig zagging feature is a deciding factor for you.

Zig Zags?

The Bookworm Fleshlight has the zig zagging you are looking for. The zig zags feel like you are winding left and right inside the Bookworm Fleshlite canal and the result is the sensation of distinct angles hitting you. The large bumps scattered throughout the canal are the perfect addition to the canal structure. As you get more and more comfortable with the Bookworm Fleshlight, you will find yourself craving the sensations those large bumps provide when you strike them. It’s better to go slow with the Bookworm Fleshlite because that way you can really appreciate each bump and concave caverns that separate them. The shallow and wide cross ribbed sections are another great addition to the Bookworm Fleshlite because they make the large bumps stand out more when you come across them. The cross ribbed sections and the winding canal structure enable you to penetrate deeply into your favorite niches of the Bookworm Fleshlite in 360 degrees. Therefore, hitting the Bookworm Fleshlight at an angle will enhance the experience. The Cougar Fleshlight has large bumps as well. The Bulletproof Fleshlight has no bumps at all.


Our Bookworm Fleshlite review reveals that this is a very cohesive Fleshlight, all structures within the canal work in perfect harmony. The zig zagging canal is the dominant feature here and if you like it, then the Bookworm Fleshlight is your best pick (out of the other two mentioned above) for it. For our Bookworm Fleshlite Review, we award this Fleshlite an overall score of 9/10.



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