Body Vibes Ab Belt

Review Summary
Excess body fat is a prevalent concern among individuals in modern society and one that does not appear to be going away any time soon. Our tendency to eat too much and exercise too little is more than catching up with us and many of us are searching for ways to recover the bodies we had in our teenage years. While we all know that reformation of our nutrition and fitness habits must form the basis of our body shaping program many individuals are also searching for ways to augment these efforts. The Body Vibes Ab Belt is one tool that may be able to function in this manner. It is a device that is designed to offer additional toning benefits, specifically to the midsection, by toning muscles through the means of vibration technology. The vibrating action of the belt is said promote calorie burning, muscle strengthening, and even improvement of the user’s posture.
Information About Manufacturer
Although we tried hard to find some information about the Body Vibes Company, such information was not available. It seems as though the Body Vibes Ab Belt is currently out of production, which may mean that the manufacturer is no longer in business or is at least no longer producing the Ab Belt. We were unable to figure out just why the Body Vibes Ab Belt has been discontinued, but as we survey some of the positive and negative aspects of this device such reasons may become clear.
The basic premise behind the Body Vibes Ab Belt was that it offered toning benefits aside from active exercise. In other words, the vibrations were thought to promote results even while the wearer was going about his or her daily activities. Plus, since the device was small and relatively discreet, users could wear it under their clothing. This provided increased convenience since a toning program could be achieved while the wearer did housework, office work, or other normal routines. The device originally shipped with an instructional DVD, which could prove to be helpful if included in online auction sales of the Body Vibes Ab Belt.
Yet while the premise behind the Body Vibes Ab Belt is one of convenience and effective toning apart from active exercise, it is hard to see how such premises were founded. In reality, we know of no clinical research that testifies to the effectiveness of the Ab Belt’s vibration technology as a means for muscle toning. Furthermore, while some abdominal toning apparatuses can be used on areas of the body other than the midsection, use of the Body Vibes Ab Belt is generally restricted to the abdomen. Also, abdominal toning devices do not require FDA clearance, but when an apparatus is FDA cleared this can provide increased confidence to users. Body Vibes Abs Belt was not an FDA cleared device. Lastly, without a manufacturer to turn to, consumers have no clear recourse in terms of a warranty or a manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee.
Price and Shipping Information
As we have said earlier, the Body Vibes Ab Belt appears to have been discontinued and its manufacturer is nowhere to be found. Thus, the vendors who had originally sold the device no longer offer it. Instead, people who are interested in purchasing the apparatus will need to look for it on auction websites, where it may retail for as little as 10 dollars plus shipping and handling. Shipping and handling costs will vary from one auction holder to another, as will turnaround time.
We know that vibrations can be powerful and that they can be used in important ways to achieve important goals. However, without a clear explanation or any solid evidence that vibration can be used to tone muscles, a product such as the Body Vibes Ab Belt will fail to convince many consumers of its value. Still, some people will be drawn in by the relatively low cost of obtaining this product through an auction website or online marketplace. In the end, consumers must weight their investment of money, energy, and time alongside a particular product or program’s ability to offer significant results. With various other abdominal toning belts utilizing technology that is more well founded than that offered by the Body Vibes Ab Belt and possessing the clearance of the FDA, consumers are certainly not left without options. Thus, they will do their best to remain patient and make a purchase only after spending considerable time and contemplation on how best to invest their resources. This can be done easily through the reading of consumer reviews, informational videos, and the like.


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