Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board Review


Everyone knows it; women especially.

A man that has a firm stomach with defined abs simply exudes sex appeal. That’s why in a recent survey, over 63% of all women polled indicated that the most attractive attribute in a man was his well defined abs.

And the personal satisfaction that comes from working out and creating well defined abs and a nicely toned stomach is highly gratifying as well. Strong abs breeds self confidence, you will have better performance in any sports you enjoy, and you will also begin cutting back the health risks associated with carrying around that extra weight.

One of the first steps to getting those toned, well defined abs is a healthy exercise program. And working on your abs should not be that difficult. And it isn’t, with the help of a quality abdominal exercise board.

Under review is the Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board. The Body Solid GAB60 is a high quality, easy to use adjustable ab board that comes with…

  • A sturdy 2-by-2-inch mainframe
  • A heavy duty thick, double-stitched DuraFirm padded cover
  • 12 adjustable positions make it easy to design diverse, efficient workout routines
  • Oversized 8-inch foam rollers that fit comfortably beneath knees and ankles
  • A 10-year frame warranty from the factory

You can find the Body Solid GAB60 adjustable ab board at various stores online; and the shipping is usually paid for by the seller.

We found our Body Solid GAB60 at Amazon; and it shipped quickly, arriving in three days.

Assembly was pretty easy, and we had the Body Solid GAB60 put together within 15 minutes after opening the box.

Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board- Rock Solid Construction & Real Comfort

The Body Solid GAB60 adjustable ab board is just that… solid; in fact, this ab board is actually strong enough to be used commercially.

And it is intelligently designed to be sturdy enough to be used daily; even if you are a bigger individual that uses these abs boards hard.

Personally, I am six foot three, and weigh 210 pounds, and my son the football player is six foot one and 215 pounds. We use the Body Solid GAB60 daily; and it has taken all of the abuse we can throw at it.

The core of the construction is the tough and sturdy 2 inch by 2 inch steel mainframe underlying the entire ab board. This underlying steel frame is what takes the abuse meted out to it; regardless of the amount or severity of use.

You may have tested out or owned other ab boards, and were disappointed as the board becomes wobbly and weaker over time as you use it more and more.

That’s because the frame design of these less expensive or lower quality ab boards skimp on the underlying infrastructure of the board.

They use a one inch frame that is good enough for smaller people that use their ab board infrequently; but over time, it begins to lose its strength.

Not so with the Body Solid GAB60. this high quality ab board is not only strong enough for bigger, heavier individuals, but it is comfortable enough to be used daily as well.

The entire steel frame is covered by thick vinyl double stitched DuraFim padding. The oversized eight inch foam rollers fit snugly and comfortably underneath both ankles and knees…

Which is a problem with these lower quality ab boards. Too often, the rollers and pads on these other ab boards are cheaply designed or insufficiently padded to the point that they pinch and bind the top of your ankles or the back of your knees.

And the same for the main body of the board. If it is not sufficiently padded (like the Body Solid GAB60), you really feel it in your tailbone as well as the full length of your back as you exercise your abs.

Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board – Truly Adjustable

The Body Solid GAB 60 is a truly adjustable ab board as well. Unlike other ab boards that give you maybe three or four different height adjustments, the Body Solid is fully adjustable into 12 different positions.

As you know, core training is a vital ingredient of any complete workout regimen. And the Body Solid GAB60 allows you to really tighten up your midsection by using various inclines for your workout.

And not only do your abs get a great workout; but you can also strengthen your back at the same time.

With the Body Solid GAB60, you can lower this to floor level when you are first starting out to lessen the degree of difficulty; and as you progress, you can start adding different inclines to make the abs workout tougher.

When in the full inclined position, this is almost like using an inversion table; and you even feel the effects when the Body Solid is even half way inclined.

You can also flip over on this ab table, and do leg lifts by holding onto the bar that controls the angles of he board.

And the board is more than long enough for everyone except the tallest people; so you don not have to worry about hitting your head on the floor when inclined like you do with shorter boards.

In addition, you do not have any lower back stress when using the Body Solid GAB60; which goes back to the intelligent design and research that went into the ergonomic design of this ab board.

The Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board- Easy to Move Around & Easy to Store

Another great feature of the Body Solid GAB60 is the addition of wheels at the base of the unit. This makes it very easy to move around your home or apartment without having to physically pick it up and carry it to an open area.

And for storage, the Body Solid adjustable ab board breaks down into two separate sections for easy storage.

You simply lift the board all the way to the top, and it separates completely. Then you have two separate flat sections to the Body Solid GAB60 so you can store them out of the way in a closet or against a bedroom wall.

Because of the padded ankle and leg cushions, you probably will not be able to store this under a bed (unless you have a bed with a really high clearance); but it is very easy to store in a small walk in closet.

And popping it back together for use takes about a total of 30 seconds to get the proper height adjustment; and when broken down, you are not going to get a hernia trying to move this ab board around.

The Body Solid GAB60 measures in at 24 inches by 52 inches by a height of 56 inches; and total weight when fully assembled is right around 45 pounds.

Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board – Our Only Complaints

Body-Solid GAB60 - Photo #2

The Body Solid GAB60 adjustable ab board is one of the best ab boards you will find anywhere; but there are some minor issues.

First, the assembly instructions are not the clearest. There is a one sheet instruction page, and it goes thru the assembly process pretty quickly. We have put together dozens of these ab boards, so it wasn’t difficult for us.

But if this is your first board, take your time, look at the picture on the box as you are assembling, and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, the incline adjustment is very tight to unscrew when you first start using it; but it gets easier as you adjust the incline over time.

And finally, the caps that hold on the foam rollers at the ankles could be a little stronger.

But as stated, these are very minor issues.

Once assembled, the Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board is head and shoulders above its nearest competitor.

It is a strong, well designed ab board that is as solid as a rock.

The foam pads are not only comfortable, but positioned at the right distance to keep your legs stable yet comfortable; and the full board padding eliminates any back stress and lower body discomfort.

It is easy to use, easy to move around, and easy to store.

You can pay more for another ab board, but you will not find a better, fully adjustable ab board on the market anywhere than the Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board.

We could not recommend this ab board highly enough.


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