Body Solid GAB300 Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench Review


allow you to spot train and isolate on specific ab muscles, you have a few different options available to you.

However, not all of them are adjustable; and some of them are very basic in design.

If you are looking for reliable piece of home gym equipment that not only focuses on your abs, but also allows you to spot train individual areas of your abdomen, you may want to think about a combination ab bench.

Combination ab benches and ab machines are very similar to the types of hardware will often find in professional gyms and fitness facilities.  They allow advanced training of the abdominals by focusing on linear movement with weight that exceeds one’s body weight.

Under review is the Body Solid GAB300 semi-recumbent ab bench. This is a multi purpose ab bench that…

  • Puts users in ideal position to isolate individual ab muscles
  • Creates a perfect platform for crunches and knee raises (independently or in tandem)
  • Comes with ergonomically-positioned handles to provide natural, fluid motion
  • Has two-inch foam cushions with DuraFirm upholstery guaranteed not to break down
  • Includes a five-position adjustable seat
  • Has a five-position upper ab arm, and four-position lower ab leg support
  • Manufactured from 11-gauge steel tubing with gun metal powder coat finish
  • Includes a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

The Body Solid GAB 300 is one of the more expensive ab boards you will find online; and pricing varies quite a bit online; from a low of $250 to high of $325.

We found ours on Amazon, and the shipping was included in the purchase price. It arrived in six days, and comes in a very large box.

There are a lot of individual parts in the Body Solid GAB300, and assembly of the GAB300 will take about an hour. Luckily, the instructions were pretty clear, and once put together, the GAB300 is a solid, sturdy ab board that will withstand a lot of abuse.

The Body Solid GAB300 Semi Recumbent Ab Bench

Body Solid GAB300 Photo #2

You can tell the quality of the Body Solid GAB300 as you are assembling this ab board. It uses two inch by three inch solid metal tubing to create the frame, and once put together, this ab board is rock steady in operation.

It has a very broad bottom base and, in combination with the upper machine legs that are spread wide apart, the Body Solid GAB300 is one of the most stable ab boards we have used.

It is a very comfortable ab board when in use as well. The two inch foam padded cushions at the back, seat and ankles eliminate any stress points at the top of the feet and the tailbone; a problem with other ab boards we have used. And the Durafoam padding in guaranteed not break down over years of repeated use.

And this is a semi-recumbent ab board; that means that you are half lying/half sitting as you perform the exercises on this machine.

This is great since it reduces as much lower back stress as possible, and allows you to utilize multiple different seating and upper arm positions so you can configure the Body Solid GAB300 to focus on several specific ab and core exercises..

You can adjust this to isolate specific ab areas if you choose, and it is perfect for crunches and knee raises. Plus, it has the ability to include additional weights (which you have to purchase separately) on the top of the ab board to increase the intensity of your sit ups or crunches.

And you can rely on the Body Solid name as well. They have been a leader in the market for high quality fitness equipment for both home and commercial uses; which is why they can offer a limited lifetime warranty on both parts as well as manufacturing of the GAB300.

The Body Solid GAB300 Semi Recumbent Ab Bench – The Only Thing…

The Body Solid GAB300 is an exceptional ab board that works particularly well if you are trying to do any kind of ab isolation work. And the only problem we can find with it is portability.

While the GAB300 is strong enough to withstand a nuclear strike, you pay for it in lack of portability.

The GAB300 measures in at 34 inches wide by 52 inches high by 70 inches long; so this may not the be the ideal ab board if you have limited space in an apartment or a condo.

And it weighs in at 101 pounds, so once you set this ab board up, it is going to stay there; you are not going to pick it up and hide it away in a closet.

But if you have a basement workout room or a home gym, the Body Solid GAB300 semi-recumbent ab board is the perfect addition to it.

This is a well constructed ab board crafted out of the highest quality materials. It is very comfortable to use, can be configured to work on multiple ab and core exercises, and has the ability to grow (with additional weights) as you progress towards your goal of stronger abs.

While a little more expensive than other ab boards available, the Body Solid GAB300 is well worth the money. What you get for the price tag makes the Body Solid GAB300 worth every cent.


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