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There is almost nothing worse than realizing that an important event is coming up soon and that one does not have the kind of body shape that one had previously hoped to have. And if fitting into that gorgeous dress or slick tuxedo is a central concern, people may be willing to entertain a variety of ideas regarding how to go about achieving that goal. One product that people might consider is the Body Shaper by Kymaro. This is a tight fitting undergarment designed to slim the wearer’s appearance noticeably. Here we will take some time to discuss exactly what the Body Shaper has to offer as well as how it compares to other products in the wellness and body shaping category.
Information About Manufacturer
Kymaro, the makers of the Body Shaper, is known for specializing in various products that slim wearers’ appearances. Along with the Body Shaper, Kymaro makes slimming jeans, supportive bras, and even some active exercise machines. As we searched the official Kymaro website we located no explicit mention of a warranty program for Body Shaper and other such products. Kymaro has been in business for approximately twenty years and appears to be a subsidiary of the firm known as BJ Global. Kymaro is named after the daughters of BJ Global’s founder, BJ Fazeli. The company often uses infomercials and other such media in order to market its products, the most popular of which is Body Shaper.
There are, without a doubt, some worthwhile aspects of Body Shaper, the greatest of which its immediate nature. In other words, the Body Shaper undergarment will produce immediate results. Its tight fit will, like an old fashioned corset or cummerbund, suck in a portion of the wearer’s excess body fat, making him or her look slimmer. It does not, therefore, require actual exercise. It can be worn under almost any type of garment, from everyday clothes to a fancy dress. Furthermore, the Body Shaper by Kymaro is supported by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and comes with bonus Body Shaper Camisoles and Shorts. We were also glad to find testimonials and consumer reviews posted on the official website, some of which included before and after photos from people who wear the Body Shaper by Kymaro.
As consumers consider buying the Body Shaper by Kymaro they must also be willing to think about its drawbacks. For one thing, while the undergarment can produce immediate results in terms of one’s appearance these results will not in any way be related to the actual reduction of body fat or toning of muscles. People who are looking to actually slim their bodies rather than simply slimming the appearance of their body may want to consider apparatuses that are designed for such purposes. Some of these muscle toning products may even be cleared by the FDA, an issue not relevant to Body Shaper given that it is simply a garment. Let us not also forget the apparent lack of a warranty program.
Price and Shipping Information
The Body Shaper by Kymaro currently retails for about 40 dollars. Again, it comes with a bonus set of Body Shaper shorts and a Body Shaper camisole. Unfortunately, we had a difficult time trying to figure out shipping costs for this package. However, we do know that shipping time from Kymaro is approximately one week.
As people consider the many different body shaping products available to them they must also consider the goals of each product. As we have already mentioned a number of times here, the Body Shaper by Kymaro is a rather distinct product with a rather distinct focus. It is simply designed to offer immediate results in terms of the mere appearance of the user’s figure. In this regard, if a person simply needs to drop a size or two in a matter of a couple of minutes, he or she may want to don an undergarment made by Kymaro. These products are probably going to provide a certain amount of help to almost anyone who buys them, as evidenced by the many consumer testimonials and before and after photos posted online. Given the bonus materials and quick shipping time for the Body Shaper, this product might be just what some consumers are in need of. However, we cannot ignore the fact that many, many individuals want to go beyond simply looking as though they have dropped a size or two. Instead, these consumers want to work on actually losing pounds and inches. These consumers will do well to search the web for EMS products that are proven to offer muscle toning and fat reducing benefits.


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