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The Filterless Manual French Press Vacuum Coffee System

Bodum coffee maker is not your regular electrical drip or vacuum coffee maker or even an espresso machine.


The Bodum coffee machine comes as a French Press pot. Coffee connoisseurs seem to be gearing more towards the popular press pot as there is a consensus that using a press pot it easy, saves energy and is “green” product and at the same time produce rich delicious hot beverage drinks.

The Bodum Company was founded in 1944 in Copenhagen by Peter Bodum. The company’s first design maker was a vacuum coffee brewer called “Santos”.

Bodum Santos vacuum coffee maker was an instant hit to consumers not only because it produced rich and full-bodied drink but it is also quite easy to brew as the Santos was an stovetop vacuum machine.

The success of initial Bodum coffee makers led to the design and development of various Bodum French Press pots with the Chambord as its initial product. A Bodum electric coffee maker it is not, as a French press only requires “manual labor” to produce unadulterated rich taste. There is no paper filter to come between the brewed coffee, its essential oils and your cup.

Bodum Coffee Maker Reviews

Bodum Eileen Coffee Maker

Bodum Eileen TV Commercial with a Monkey

Eileen is Bodum’s answer for a professional coffee maker. It was conceived and named in honor of Eileen Gray a modernist architect and designer and the many café aficionados who hang around in Paris cafés and bistros.

Bodum Eileen coffee maker can bring out the full taste of quality beans and it was specifically designed to “survive” the demanding conditions of a busy café or bistro.

The Bodum Eileen is definitely commercial grade as the company incorporated new safety features to this model. The Eileen has an easy-to-grip, santoprene coated square handle for easy handling.

The glass jug is protected by a beautifully designed stainless steel frame from accidental knocks and bumps while being carried. The Eileen is available in 3-cup (12 oz), 4-cup (16 oz) and 8-cup (32 oz) servings.

Bodum Kenya Coffee Maker

Bodum Kaffeebereiter means Bodum coffee maker and Bodum Kenya is a favorite kaffeebereiter from Bodum.

This model is chrome plated for those who prefer a mix of traditional and modern components. The frame is made of chrome plated steel while the handle and the base are made of hard plastic as safety features for the user.

Plastic does not conduct heat, in case you have forgotten. This is perfect for home and commercial use as it is available in 12 oz., 16 oz., 32 and 48 oz. servings.

Bodum Brazil Coffee Maker

The Bodum Brazil was the first coffee maker made by Bodum in the early 1980s. The Bodum Brazil machine was aesthetically and functionally designed at very affordable price. This design became the iconic design of Bodum products.

The model has a borosilicate heat resistant glass beaker; a handle and base made of polypropylene for easy clean up. The domed lid is also made of polypropylene which ensures that your coffee stays warm longer.

The Bodum 1543 Brazil coffee maker is the perfect press pot at 12 oz. You can enjoy a steaming rich-flavored coffee any time of the day.

Pros & Cons of Bodum Coffee Makers

Bodum coffee maker has its good and bad sides. For advantages, you have a stronger cup of coffee. The pressing and straining of the coffee grounds bring out a better tasting cup as the oil are not left in a paper strainer. It is very portable and “green” as there is no need for electricity to operate it. It is easy to clean.

On the negative side, there is a need to use a conical burr for fine grounds. It is always best to use freshly ground coffee when using a press pot. If the plunging or pressing is uneven, some grounds might escape from the strainer and mix with the liquid. However, if you don’t mind a little sediment in your cup, then a little sludge should not be a problem. You might need a thermal carafe to keep the coffee hot.

Bodum New French Press Coffee Video Demonstration

Overall, a Bodum is a great value for money.

How to use or “French Press” a Bodum Coffee Pot?

It is easy and fast to operate a Bodum coffee maker since it works on the principle of a French press. Here are some basic instructions:

All you need to do is add your freshly ground beans, add hot water (should be in the process of boiling as you grind the beans), stir it a bit with a wooden chopstick and watch as the coffee “bloom” rise.

Position the press and let the ground seep between 1 minute to 4 (depending on the size of the pot and amount of grounds) then press slowly and evenly for that aromatic cup of rich and full-bodied coffee.

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