Bodum Coffee Grinder Reviews


Reviews of the Bodum C-Mill Electric Blade Mill Grinder

Bodum coffee grinder is intuitively designed to serve the maximum needs of the mass over a long duration.


Though, the brand specializes in the area of vacuum coffee makers, Bodum grinders have been able to keep their users happy with their quality service and durability.

The company has a good reputation of fast response to customer service. Hence, even if some issues arise with the Bodum coffee grinder parts, the excellent technical service of the company acts swiftly to fix the issue.

The wide range of Bodum grinding products can be categorized into Bodum burr coffee grinder, Bodum electric blade coffee grinder and Bodum Venice coffee grinder.

Common Features of Bodum Coffee Grinders

  • Powered with strong motors, the machines effectively grind the coffee beans into fine dust or coarse forms as required.
  • The Bodum blade grinder not only crushes the beans, but also cuts them with their sharp blades for a considerable duration. This special crushing method plays a crucial role in making the coffee tasty on preparation.
  • The conical burr grinders are very efficient in preserving the taste and aroma of coffee after grinding.
  • The machines are sealed with a lid to prevent messes that commonly occur with grinders.
  • The grinders are fitted with a series of settings. Users can adjust them to the required level of grinding.
  • The grinding capacity of the machines starts from a minimum of 8 cups. Users can grind 8 or more cups of coffee beans in a single load.
  • The machines can crush all sorts of beans from light and dry roasts to oily espressos.
  • The body of the grinders is made variably from high quality plastic and stainless steel. This ensures that the machine lasts for a very long time.


  1. User-friendly controls
  2. Locks the essence and aroma of ground coffee beans
  3. The lid is equipped with a hole for convenient pouring of coffee powder
  4. Available in desired material of stainless steel and plastic
  5. Performs like a professional grade grinder


  1. The grinders do not make suitable coffee grounds for nice espresso shots.
  2. Not all of them are equipped a timer display
  3. Sometimes owners find their Bodum coffee grinder grinding too fine after unclogging
  4. Users have complained about facing malfunctioning of the grinding settings

Recommended Bodum Coffee Grinder Best Buy

Bodum 5678 coffee grinder is a highly durable and easy to use handy machine with a neat design to grace kitchen counters. With easy maintenance and cleaning facility, the unit is very small and has excellent performance. This blade type grinder has a maximum capacity of 45g and a minimum wattage of 120. It is a complete no mess unit with only one downside of short power lead.

Bodum C-Mill coffee grinder is of 1.6oz grinding capacity and precise and strong motor. This electric grinder both cuts and crushes the beans efficiently and preserves the aroma. The Bodum mill coffee grinder comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Other popular Bodum grinders are Acrylic Travel Coffee Thermal Press GrinderAntiqua 10462-01USAAntigua 10462-01C-Mill 5679Bodum 727015280424 and Bodum 0429-10.

In a nutshell, Bodum mill grinder offers a great design, yet an easy maintenance. The machines are very quiet in their operation and are affordable.

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