Bodum Antigua Grinder Reviews


The Electric Burr Coffee Mill Designed by Experts

Bodum Antigua grinder is quite compact and has been priced remarkably low.


Fairly quiet, these grinders are fitted with a genuine burr grinder that delivers performance efficient enough to compete with the big leagues.

Amongst the popular Bodum Antigua electric coffee grinder models you can buy is the Bodum Antigua burr coffee grinder.

Bodum Antigua coffee grinders are more advanced versions than similar products from Bodum. Alongside advanced technology that promises more efficient performance and durability, the company also offers them at considerably low prices.

Features of Bodum Antigua Grinder

  • The mills are mostly conical in shape with an authentic burr grinder that crushes coffee efficiently.
  • The units have over 8 settings of easily operable grinding options. They range from French Press style grinding to fine espresso style grounds.
  • The grinders can crush large quantities of coffee within a very short time. Users will be able to make a fine cup of coffee within a very short while with these grinders.
  • User-friendly controls can be operated with a single touch. With one touch button, you will be able to grind similar amounts of beans every time.
  • The machines are capable of milling all types of oily to dry beans with equal efficiency.
  • The bean hoppers are see-through. They hold a minimum of 8 cups of beans in one go.
  • The units are designed by coffee experts across the globe; the result is scientifically designed compact units that look sleek and slim.

Bodum Antigua Grinding – Video Demonstration


  1. Small and compact built for easy storage
  2. Consistent grinding for an accurate and even grinding
  3. Fast grinding for time saving
  4. One touch operation for easy understanding of people
  5. High quality motor for a prolonged longevity and high performance


  1. Sometimes, the units do not grind in their optimal level
  2. Users have complained that the auto drip setting goes dysfunctional
  3. Once an issue with the settings arises, it is difficult to revert it back to the factory default setting

Recommended Bodum Antigua Coffee Grinders Best Buy


Bodum Antigua burr grinder 10462-01USA is an electric burr grinder with a grinding capacity of 8oz. With simple on and off controls the machine is very easy to use. Two separate options for quantity control make it possible for the users to crush only the required amount of beans.

The grinder has 8 finesse settings to acquire the required style of crushing. The machine consumes very little current.

Antigua Bodum coffee grinder 5670-01USA is another burr style design with a conical grinder made of hand forged steel. The unit cuts the beans in place of grinding, at a slow speed to retain the bean aroma. With a capacity of 8 cups, the machine sports adjustable grind, time and quality settings with an Automatic Power cut-out to prevent grinding debris.

The machines are additionally provided with a small storage compartment for storing the cables.

Another popular model is Bodum Antigua 5671.

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