Bodi-Tek Micro EMS System

Review Summary
As consumers everywhere search for effective and efficient ways to get their bodies in better shape, the wellness and weight loss industry continues to respond with product after product. This can make it difficult for people to know how best to use their money. While many folks have turned to exercise products and programs in the past, a number of people are now in the market for products that can provide results similar to those offered by normal exercise but that can do so in a time saving manner. In other words, people are considering products such as the Bodi-Tek Micro EMS System, a device designed to work your midsection for you. It uses EMS, or Electric Muscle Stimulation, a technology that involves contracting and relaxing muscles over and over again through the means of gentle electric pulses.
Information About Manufacturer
Bodi-Tek, the manufacturer of Micro EMS System, is a company that is based in the United Kingdom. They have been in business for over twenty years, specializing in products that deal with fitness and wellness. They claim to combine experience with research to make the most effective product lines. This is interesting to us, primarily because there appears to be no mention of any third party clinical trials that confirm the benefits of using the Micro EMS System as a means to tone the midsection and other areas of the body. This kind of research is invaluable to potential customers.
The Bodi-Tek Micro EMS System has a few positive aspects going for it. Its relatively small size makes it possible to wear the device discreetly on the body part while going about normal daily activities. This adds an amount of convenience to the matter. And, unlike some passive toning devices, the Micro EMS System can be used on areas of the body other than the midsection in order to promote muscle toning benefits in the arms, legs, and so on.
One way that Bodi-Tek Micro EMS System falls short of some competitors is, as we have mentioned before, the lack of any third party clinical trial results confirming its effectiveness. Similarly, we found no consumer testimonials, either in written or video form, on the official website for the Micro EMS System. It also requires batteries, something other EMS toning devices may not require, and comes with no extra bonus materials. We were surprised to learn that there was no warranty information posted by Bodi-Tek and that the satisfaction guarantee period was only seven days long, which might make it tough for people to give the system a fair shake before the trial period is up. Finally, while EMS devices do not need to be cleared by the FDA, when a product does possess such clearance it can offer consumers a bit more confidence in the device. Bodi-Tek Micro EMS System does not have any FDA clearance.
Price and Shipping Information
At the time we surveyed the official Bodi-Tek website in order to gather information about the Micro EMS System, the retail price for this device was 34.03GBP. This translated to approximately 55USD. Shipping costs vary depending on where the consumer lives. For example, an American consumer will pay 15GBP for shipping, which is approximately 23USD. Thus, all told the Bodi-Tek Micro EMS System device will cost the American consumer approximately 78 dollars. Unfortunately, when we sought to determine how long shipping might
In relation to other passive muscle toning and body trimming devices, Bodi-Tek Micro EMS System certainly has some advantages. Its compact size and discreet nature make it possible for people to achieve their figure shaping goals without making a huge scene and without taking away from their day. Electric Muscle Stimulation is a convenient way to tone one’s muscles while reading, watching television, or doing other simple activities. The Micro EMS System is also fairly affordable, even if one lives far away from the manufacturer, Bodi-Tek, which is based in the United Kingdom. However, as consumers try to figure out how best to spend their income on body toning apparatuses, the Micro EMS System’s lack of third party clinical research and lack of substantive consumer testimonials is not so desirable.

Many people may decide to pay a bit more money to purchase a device that comes not only with clearer warranty and satisfaction guarantee policies but that is also cleared by the FDA. No matter what, consumers should do their best to read as many consumer reviews, watch as many testimonials, and, in general, research each option available to them before committing to buy any specific device.


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