Bodi-Tek Elite 3

Review Summary
The Bodi-Tek Elite 3 is an EMS system that incorporates a number of components so you can tone, strengthen, and relieve muscle pain all over the body. Athletes purportedly use the Bodi-Tek Elite 3 to increase agility, strength, and muscle tone. The system uses toning pads adhered to the body with straps to communicate the EMS signal. The main unit emits the EMS pulse and allows the user to control the intensity and timing of each session. This single machine can deliver shiatsu, TENS therapy, and slow and fast muscle fiber twitch exercises. Like other EMS machines the Elite 3 works by contracting your muscles while you simply sit there.

Each Bodi-Tek Elite 3 system includes 8 conductor pads, conductor gel, and a case to house the system. While portable, you cannot use this system on the go as you can some other EMS products that are more compact and battery powered. Each purchase comes with an Ab-Tek belt but it is unclear whether this operates with batteries or if it has to be hooked up to the main unit. The Elite 3 is said by the manufacturer to be the most powerful of such system on the market.

Information About Manufacturer
The Dezac Group runs Bodi-Tek and so is the manufacturer of the Bodi-Tek Elite 3. This company produces other exercise equipment and EMS systems as well as household and hygiene products. Bodi-Tek, however, has its own website.

The official website plays host for information about the Bodi-Tek Elite series as well as their other fitness products. It also serves as an online store. All prices are listed in British pounds so customers in North America will have to either convert the currency themselves or visit a retailer that carries the Elite 3. Bodi-Tek has no 3rd party evidence backing the claims made about the Elite 3 at this time. It is also not currently given clearance from the FDA, though that should not imply this product is necessarily unsafe to use.
•A comprehensive way to use EMS on the entire body
•Comes with all necessary parts, no special accessories needed
•Product currently available from the official website as well as online retailers
•Cannot be used on the go as other EMS products can
•Knowing where to place EMS pads might be confusing
•Short satisfaction guarantee period, no warranty, no FDA clearance at this time
•No 3rd party clinical study supporting its purported benefits
Price and Shipping Information
The Bodi-Tek Elite 3 can be purchased through the official website or through various online retail sites. Whether you are converting British pounds to US dollars or looking at an American retail site, you can expect to pay about $245 for the Bodi-Tek Elite 3. Each unit should come with the conductor pads, gel, carrying case, EMS base unit, wires, and Ab Tek Belt. The total value of these materials is about $50 when converted to US dollars.

The Bodi-Tek Elite 3 is available through the official site as well as a number of online retailers. Retail sites located in North America are likely to have cheaper and fast shipping options for state side customers. You can, however, have this shipped directly from the UK as Bodi-Tek sends their product internationally. A 7 day satisfaction guarantee covers the Elite 3 but it has no warranty, FDA clearance, or 3rd party clinical trial evidence associated with it at this time. This, however, does not mean it is necessarily unsafe to use.
The Bodi-Tek Elite 3 is like other EMS systems on the market though it difference from most basic EMS products as it can be applied to the whole body. This means, however, the customer will have to pay more for it as well as learn to apply the many conductor pads onto various parts of the body themselves. The lack of 3rd party clinical evidence and FDA clearance should not imply that this product is necessarily unsafe to use. The missing warranty information and short guarantee period means the Elite 3 is not covered by a manufacturer’s policy for very long, though individual retailers may choose to apply their own warranty or guarantee period. The manufacturer claims the Bodi-Tek Elite 3 is used by athletes however there are no testimonials at the official website at this time. Customers interested in this product should remember that prices on the official site are in pounds, and shipping times may lengthen if ordering from the sites as the company is located in the UK.


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