Bodi-Tek Elite 2

Review Summary
In America the “go to” ab belt is The Flex Belt, due to its use of medical grade EMS technology, 150 intensity settings, and a full range of programs options designed to keep users results on high. But it has also been cleared by the FDA, and it has been through numerous clinical studies, which also captures consumers’ attention. That said, there are also other international options available, including a UK manufactured device called the Bodi-Tek Elite 2, which has been making some headway in the American market as of late.

Its developer, the Dezac Group, is well known in Europe for creating household and fitness products. The Bodi-Tek Elite 2, like The Flex Belt, was designed to work the user’s core muscles remotely, so they can go about their day, working, playing, or reading a book. Currently, it’s available through a variety of international retail sites, and it has come up a lot on consumer run discussion boards and blogs, so let’s check it out.

The Bodi-Tek Elite 2 uses EMS based technology to trigger the user’s core muscles into contracting and releasing. This may seem familiar, because this is exactly what happens whenever you workout, whether your doing a bicep curl or squats. EMS technology is not new to the UK or American markets, having been used for over 20 years in clinical settings to rehab damaged muscles.

The Bodi-Tek Elite 2 is sold on overseas based sites, so we usually suggest calling the retailers offering this product to see what the current price is, or using one of the free online currency converters to verify the price. For instance, right now it’s selling for 99 euros, which is about $150 in US dollars. However, this price can changed based on exchange rates.

Each Bodi-Tek Elite 2 kit includes conductor pads, conductive gel, and a carrying case. Also, shipping costs may be a factor for you, so checking in with the retailer to see how much international shipping costs may be a good idea as well.

Unlike other EMS units, which typically come with a core training belt, individuals using the Bodi-Tek Elite 2 can opt to place the pads directly on the skin once it has been treated with conductive gel. But an ab belt is also included so that users can simply slip it on and turn it on. The websites that carry it provide you with this information, as well as pointing out that it comes with several built in programs and intensity levels.

Final Facts
The Bodi-Tek Elite 2 was designed to provide users with an easy and workout free way to get their core muscles stronger, more toned, and slimmer by using technology to do the workout for them. As we saw above, it uses medical grade technology to accomplish this task, and you can get more information about the technology, the Bodi-Tek Elite 2, and other ab belts on consumer rating and review sites, as well as research and video based sites.


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