Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16


Review SummaryThe Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16 is a handheld muscle stimulation unit that uses EMS signals to strengthen and tone muscles throughout the body. You just hook up the four gel pads to the muscle group you want to tone and turn the system on. The display allows you to choose from a number of settings, including warm up and cool down programs, different timed sessions, and individual control over the two conductors. Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16 features 16 programs in all.

The unit itself is not much bigger than a cell phone and comes with a carrying case, making it very portable. The gel pads are included in the cost of this product, as are the wires that attach them to the control panel, the batteries needed to run it, and an instruction manual. It is advertised as being meant for all areas of the body.

Whether or not it can be used on the go is unclear. While Bodi-X 16 might be hooked up with the control panel in one’s pocket during a walk or jog the wires may not be long enough to accommodate this. The display clearly shows the intensity of the EMS output, how much time is left in the session, which program is being used, and how much battery power is left.

Information About ManufacturerBodi-Tek products like the Bodi-X 16 are manufactured by the Dezac Group. While this company was founded as an air ionization manufacturer they have since moved into making fitness products like muscle stimulation units, ab belts, and other kinds of fitness equipment. They have a separate website specifically for Bodi-Tek products like the Bodi-X 16.

The official Bodi-Tek website serves as an informational center as well as an online store. It is worth noting that this page lists all prices in British pounds as it is a company based out of the UK. Customers in North America and other places may do well to look for Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16 sold through other channels, though it is not currently carried by other online retail sites. Bodi-Tek has no 3rd party evidence backing the claims made about the Bodi-X 16 at this time. They are also lacking FDA clearance though that should not imply this product is necessarily unsafe to use.

Pros•Can be used on various muscles groups, one at a time
•Is handheld and portable, though may not be made for use on the go
•Comes with all you need to use the product right away

Cons•No FDA clearance or 3rd party clinical evidence backing the manufacturer’s claims
•Not necessarily designed for use while performing other tasks and exercises
•Satisfaction guarantee period only 7 days long and no warranty information available through the official website
•Inexperienced customers may have trouble properly placing toning pads for maximum toning

Price and Shipping InformationBecause Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16 ships from the UK only at this time, one will need to convert British pounds to US dollars for an amount around $200. Each unit comes with the pads, wires, carrying case, and batteries as well as the EMS unit. The satisfaction guarantee on this product is 7 days long. There is currently no information about a warranty that might cover the Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16.

No shipping charges are mentioned on the official website, though one should expect to pay a higher rate than on domestic shipments if having the Bodi-X 16 sent to locations in North America. Shipping time, too, may be longer than usual on US orders. The Bodi-Tek website does state that they ship their products internationally.

ConclusionThe Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16 has the same benefits as similar EMS products with the versatility of being able to move the pads wherever you want. The problem with this is that the inexperienced customer might not know how to position the pads to best stimulate certain muscle groups. Each purchase comes with a number of accessories needed to run the Bodi-Tek 16 unit. The fact that it is only available from the UK may make things like timely shipping and payment options more difficult. If you do happen to find the Bodi-Tek Bodi-X 16 at another online retailer, check to make sure all satisfaction guarantee, warranty information, and charges still apply.

Regardless of what fitness equipment you are considering you should do your research. By consulting a number of reviews and feedback sources you can ensure you are getting the best product for your fitness routine.


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