Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt

Review Summary
The Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt is an EMS toning belt designed to stand in for abdominal exercise. Both men and women are expected to benefit from this product which actually stimulates your abdominal muscles in a manner similar to exercise. This belt purportedly tones, strengthens, and slims down your midsection when used as directed. The belt itself can be adjusted to any length between 24 and 47 inches so it fits nearly any waist size. The belt is fairly slim so you may be able to wear it discreetly under loose clothing. The control panel and battery pack protrudes slightly from the front but can be removed for cleaning purposes.

This product must be used with conducting gel and a bottle of gel is included with each purchase. It also comes with the needed batteries and an instruction manual. You can choose from 6 different programs while using the Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt, making your workout somewhat customizable. The whole system only weighs a few pounds making it very portable. No exercise is needed to achieve the results set out by the manufacturer as the Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt is a completely passive system.
Information About Manufacturer
Bodi-Tek products like the Ab Tek Belt are created by the Dezac Group. While this company was founded as an air ionization manufacturer they have since moved into making fitness products like ab belts and other kinds of equipment. They have a separate website specifically for Bodi-Tek products.

The official Bodi-Tek website serves as an informational center as well as an online store. It is worth noting, however, that this page lists all prices in British pounds as it is a company based out of the UK. Customers in North America and other places may do well to look for Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt sold through other channels as it is carried by a few online retailers. Bodi-Tek has no 3rd party evidence backing the claims made about the Ab Tek Belt at this time. They are also lacking FDA clearance though that should not imply this product is necessarily unsafe to use.
•Replaces certain forms of abdominal exercise according to ads
•Can be worn by men and women as it has an adjustable belt
•Includes an batteries needed for operation as well as conductive gel
•Control panel protrudes from front of belt
•Requires batteries which will need to be changed often with regular use
•Satisfaction guarantee only 7 days long and warranty information unknown
•Not currently cleared by the FDA or supported by 3rd party evidence
Price and Shipping Information
Most US retailers sell Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt for about $55, which happens to be the rough equivalent of the manufacturer’s price in pounds. Each unit comes with the belt, control panel, conductor gel, and instruction manual as well as the needed batteries. Since the batteries will need to be replaced with time you may want to factor this into the cost of using this product.

There is no shipping time specified at the official website. It is very possible that ordering from a US retailer for North American customers will not only make shipping faster but also more affordable. The Bodi-Tek website does, however, ship internationally from the UK. There is no mention of a warranty on the official website so it may be safe to assume there is none for this product. The satisfaction guarantee period is 7 days. You may want to check if this warranty and guarantee information remain the same when ordering from a retail site.
The Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt is like many other ab belts on the market as it utilizes EMS technology and features a portable, slim design. It is made to replace abdominal exercises as it is supposed to strengthen, tone, and slim down the midsection. It is small enough to be portable and slim enough to be worn discreetly under loose fitting clothing as the battery pack and control panel protrude from the front. The company that created it specializes in fitness equipment as well as household and personal care products. There is no FDA clearance, 3rd party evidence, or warranty pertaining to this ab belt at this time.

Whether you are interested in the Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt or another kind of ab belt you should thoroughly research your options. There are plenty of reviews and feedback online that can help you make an educated decision about your fitness equipment.


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