Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Belt Pink

Review Summary
The Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt Pink is an ab belt that, like others of its kind, uses electrical pulses to tone and firm your abdominal muscles. Both men and women are expected to benefit from this product, despite what some may think about the color. The maker of this belt claims it can do what exercise does by actually exercising your abs for you.

The Pink Bodi-Tek Ab Tek purportedly reshapes your midsection when used as directed and sports features like a portable size and energy source, an adjustable size between 24 and 47 inches, and a design slim enough to fit discreetly under clothing although it is worth noting the control panel protrudes from the front slightly. This portion of belt can be removed to clean the unit.

This product must be used with conducting gel and a bottle of gel is included with each Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Pink. It also comes with the needed batteries and an instruction manual. You can choose from 6 different toning sessions with the Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt Pink, which gives you control over timing and the intensity of each session. The belt straps around your waist and you should be able to wear it while you go about various activities throughout the day. No exercise is needed with this product. The makers of the Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt Pink made it to be a passive system.
Information About Manufacturer
Bodi-Tek products like the Ab Tek Belt Pink are created by the Dezac Group. While this company was founded as an air ionization manufacturer they have since moved into making fitness products like ab belts and other kinds of equipment. They have a separate website specifically for Bodi-Tek products.

The official Bodi-Tek website serves as an informational center as well as an online store. The website lists all prices in British pounds as it is a company based out of the UK so you will need to do the conversion for proper pricing if paying in US dollars. Bodi-Tek has no 3rd party evidence supporting the stated benefits of the Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Belt Pink at this time. They are also lacking FDA clearance though that should not imply this product is necessarily unsafe to use.
•Designed to replace exercise for your abs
•Can be worn by men and women as it has an adjustable belt
•Comes with batteries and conductive gel
•Control panel protrudes from front of belt, taking away from its otherwise slim design
•Requires batteries which will need to be changed often with regular use
•Satisfaction guarantee only 7 days long, unknown warranty informatin
•Not currently cleared by the FDA or supported by 3rd party evidence
Price and Shipping Information
Most US retailers sell Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt Pink for about $55, which happens to be the rough equivalent of the manufacturer’s price in pounds. Each unit comes with the belt, control panel, conductor gel, an instruction manual, and batteries which will need to be replaced if used regularly, adding to the system’s expense.

No shipping time is given by the official website at this time, and it is probably a US retailer will be able to ship to customer in North America faster than the official site, which send their products from the UK. They do ship internationally, however. No warranty is mentioned on the official site or the retailers and the 7 day satisfaction guarantee might only apply when ordering from the official site. If ordering from a retailer you should check to see if the same warranty and satisfaction period apply.
The Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt Pink is made to stand in for the abdominal exercises that can take so much time and energy. While there is no FDA clearance on this product at this time, nor any 3rd party evidence, it does have a 7 day satisfaction guarantee on it. There is no warranty covering the Bodi-Tek Ab Tek Belt Pink at this time. It is slim enough to be worn discreetly under clothing even if the front is bulkier than the rest of the design. Bodi-Tek as a company specializes in such equipment as this though it also produces a wide array of household and hygiene products. You can find the Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Belt Pink on various retail sites as well as the official website. While Bodi-Tek is based in the UK they do ship this and other products internationally to customers in locations like the UK.


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