Bodi-Tek Ab Builder

Review Summary
In the fitness world there are many people who want tighter and more toned abdominal muscles. Because of this, there are many products to fill that need. The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder is just one such product, designed to isolate the abdominal muscles and strengthen them with little to no effort. The machine uses what’s called EMS technology. Similar to the EMS technology used in The Flex Belt, this mechanism sends electronic signals deep into the muscles where contractions are triggered. However, there are a few significant differences between the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder and The Flex Belt. Namely, The Flex Belt has been proven effective in clinical trials, which are detailed on the official website for all to see. Also, The Flex Belt is cleared by the FDA for use in abdominal toning. In addition, The Flex Belt has a two year warranty, whereas the other doesn’t seem to have one at all at this time.

EMS technology has been used in physical therapy offices for years to treat injuries and tone muscles without strain. In this manner, the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder is said to help you tone your abs with no effort. The machine delivers the electronic signals through a series of eight patches, each of which is connected with wires. The Flex Belt, on the other hand, uses a compact belt with no wires. The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder has a series of present programs and a carrying case for ease of transport.

At the writing of this review, the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder official website is targeted towards customers in the United Kingdom. Therefore the price is in their currency. Currently, the machine is selling for 49.99.

The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder is sold on an official website. There you can find a good deal of information about the abdominal toning system. The maker of the machine seems to sell a variety of health and fitness products on this site, with the EMS ab toning machine just being one of them. On outside retailer and review sites you can also find additional consumer reviews and feedback about the effectiveness and overall quality of the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder.

Final Facts
The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder is an abdominal toning device created to tighten and tone the abs using something called EMS technology. This technology is said to deliver electronic signals into the muscles where contractions are triggered. The machine uses eight pads that adhere to the skin. It currently comes with a carrying case and is sold online through the official website. While the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder machine does bear some similarities to The Flex Belt, a closer look reveals The Flex Belt has some advantages over the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder.


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